My name is Anna Garcia and this is my blog!

I’ve been in love with writing and photography since I was fifteen years old.  I try to be a fashionista, I can’t help that I love fashion.  I’m obsessed with makeup, clothes, Crossfit, eating whatever I want that is mainly Paleo and am completely in love with my son.


I am a very hands on mom. Since the day Joey was born I made an extra effort to make him my single and utmost priority. I think I do a kick ass job at multitasking everything.

I grew up in So Cal, in a strict Christian family that is very loud and close.  The ups and downs we have endured has made me who I am today.  I feel very blessed always.

I attended ASU and graduated in 2005 with a BA in Communication and a Minor in Public Relations and Strategic Communications. Fancy, huh?

I originally started writing this blog because I find that raising a son is insightful and hilarious. There are times when I laugh my ass off, find the smallest words he says the best and then want to ram my head against the wall. No one ever tells you the details of raising a child. But how could they. Joey, my son, is unique in his own way.

Joey was obsessed with balls…footballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, bouncing balls, balls that break. The list goes on. One day he changed his way of saying “Ball!” to “Le Ball!!!” So it stuck.

I think this platform will serve as an opportunity for displaying and artfully painting you a picture of my chaotic, hilarious and not so normal world that is also full of love and warmth.  Cheesy, but true.


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