Posted by: Anna | March 30, 2011


Good changes!

I have redone a little here and there on my blog, mostly for me to notice.  But with that I will be adding a few more categories on here to spice things up and reflect me.

I’m going to be logging and posting more about Crossfit and our Paleo meals as a family.  Be prepared, I plan on posting before and after pictures as well; an addition to the food we eat.  Our household eats together as many meals as we can; our sixteen year old and our three year old eat what we eat.  Even if when they are done with their food they pick at ours… (well mostly Joey picking avocado and sweet potato off our plates.)

Brandon and I have a great balance as we both work full time, workout, and really care for our kids by spending quality of time together.  I’ll post a little on our balance.  Mainly, I couldn’t do what I do now, which is working full time, spend quality of time with Joey and Marisa and take care of a household if Brandon wasn’t as involved as he is.  We really work as a team.

I will be referring to Brandon as my Caveman from time to time, since eating Paleo is really a caveman diet and Brandon is the epitome of having self control, more often than not partaking on my ice cream binges.

I have attached a link to Everyday Paleo on easily breaking down what eating Paleo is.  It’s not a diet for us but more of a way of life.  We love the idea of prolonging our life and on a side note; my skin looks much healthier when I eat this way.

Sarah Fragoso runs an amazing blog, and on her blog you will also see she recommends The Paleo Solution, book by Robb Wolf and something Brandon is just about done reading.

I’ll keep a style category as I can’t not like clothes or makeup.  I’m currently working on prolonging everything I own and seeing what works.

Hope you continue to enjoy reading. Oh, and if you look here I have also updated a few on my About.  Can you believe Joey is almost FOUR years old!!?? I can’t!

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