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“Mom, you love me no matter what, huh? Even when you get mad or I don’t listen, I’m still your favorite person, right? Because you know I will listen, but sometimes I forget.”-Joey

Joey is growing into a pretty smart, passionate and affectionate kid.  A boy who through some changes is becoming resilient.  And resilience is a great thing, although I hate that some of my choices are making him more resilient.

But also, over time, I’m realizing just because I failed at something, or my relationship fell apart among other things in recent events, Joey will not see me stay in bed.  Afterall, yes, we have been disappointed but he still knows that I, his mommy am his biggest cheerleader.  And I’ve realized, more than ever now, Joey is my biggest cheerleader too and he has learned it from me.

I’m not the most patient person you will ever meet. Honestly, I clench my teeth to think of ways to speak softer and more patiently.  But I don’t use hateful language ever, and I dare not put people down on purpose or carelessly.  Words are extremely hurtful and scare.  And like that, words are beautiful and amazing.

And through out all this pain, Joey tells me,

“Mom, you’re amazing”

“Mom, you are so beautiful”

“Mom, you are so nice” (I always laugh at that one)

“Mom, you are my favorite person in forever”

And I relish in his words, in his compliments. I eat them up and they are always followed by smiles, laughs, kisses or hugs.

Because once you’re a mom, your childs’ happiness and safety simply takes over.  I hurt when Joey remembers and hurts, but at the end of the day it’s sweet and comforting that I am after all his favorite. Even though I know that he is mimicking my words of affirmation and my cheerleading him on, Joey has never heard someone really compliment me. And I’m probably not very good at receiving them, but only from Joey.

I know that I am teaching him, that people you love so dearly may hurt you and greatly disappoint you.  That sometimes life will not go as planned and that through the pain, disappointment and hurt, we will come out stronger and wiser.  We have no choice sometimes but to accept things let time heal and move on. I hope at least eventually he will realize that.  Because after all he is also my favorite person in forever.

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Joey’s birthday was last week and normall I’m all over this, but I’m more all over playing with Transformers toys and everything a little boy can dream of.

Joey is the big Four which also happens to be his favorite number.  More like he has been preparing to be four for the last year.  He’s pretty ready.

He’s not my baby anymore and yes, I miss having a baby. I miss the chubby cheeks and the little body that I would throw on my hip.

I miss the sleepless nights just because he would want to sleep with me.

Now I get, “Mama come sleep with me for a while.”

Then after literally three minutes he says, “Okay mama, can I sleep alone now?”

“Yes, you can.”

And I go about my business and almost every night when I go back into his room to turn him over ont the right side of the bed and make sure he’s covered I pick him up and craddle Joey.  I love holding him when he’s asleep, even if it’s for a minute.  He just lays there and I see his chubby cheeks and appreciate that last four years that God has given me.  Although some of the hardest years of my life, also the best and sweetest years of my life.

I hope I can carry Joey up until I literally can no long carry Joey while he sleeps.  Because your kids do love you forever, and I will always love Joey forever.


You’re my sunshine.

My only sunshine.

I was able to find pictures Joey and I took when he turned one and the ones we just took when he turned Four. Welcome to my sweet life.

With Joey 2008

With Joey 2008


Still hamming it up!


With Joey August 2011


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I’ll Love you Forever

Every year around this time I get kind of sad.  And after almost Four years you’d think I’d get over the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.  He isn’t for sure a baby anymore.

Joey will be FOUR years old in about a month.   And I know I have a four year old in my hands because he now…

Has learned how to swim in just three weeks.

Is not only obsessed with Dinosaurs but Transformers, um, Optimus Prime anyone? (Joey and Brandon love to sing…”Transformers…Robots in disguise.”)

He is awesome at coloring!  Which I love because he can sit and color forever.

He knows when to feed his fish every day.

He wears at least one tattoo at all times.  Current one is on his back.

He knows exactly what he wants to eat and eat as much as a dinosaur does.

Joey also knows by now that his mommy is a deep sleeper so whenever it is that he wanders to the bathroom or to our room in the middle of the night he asks Brandon. 

It’s pretty awesome to have someone that we can both count on and Brandon is by far the best daddy I have ever met.

When Brandon and I moved in together last year I thought, wow, Joey will probably have a hard time learning to sleep on his own. But nope, it took Joey about three nights to adjust while it took me about two months to adjust sleeping without Joey.  There are many nights that I just go in his bedroom and carry him up and rock him while he sleeps, (yes, very much like the the book,Love you Forever.”)  I cherish every single second with Joey.  I cherish the moments where he wakes up and demands banana pancakes, potatoes, bacon and sausage.   I cherish the obsession with watching Dinosaur documentaries instead of colored and sing along cartoons.  I cherish the fact that he thinks I’m the most beautiful person and he stares at me while I put on his shoes.  There is always something interesting going on with mommy to him. 

He likes to run in the closet while I put on my makeup and maybe sometimes I pretend I’m curling his eye lashes.  I cherish him when he tells me that he’ll share MY drink with me because that’s what big kids do.

He’s a pretty amazing kid with a great memory.  I’ve always been in awe of Joey, but mostly lately.  He’s a little human being that grew inside my belly, whom I nursed, fed and have raised.  He’s pretty darn appreciative and polite too and he absolutely knows he’s the coolest kid who his mommy adores. 


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A post

I started my blog here because I was bored.  I wanted to voice thoughts in my head and I had no idea there were thousands, now millions of bloggers out there.

Two blogs that I read almost every day is Heather Armstrong’s blog Dooce and Rebecca Woolf’s blog Girl’s Gone Wild.

I even set up a twitter account so I could follow their tweets and other’s like Taylor Swift, (yes I am a Swift fan) and other people that I find interesting or funny (Daniel Tosh anyone?). My twitter account is inactive as of who knows when for the time being now.

Reading these blogs I have witnessed, well I have read their stories about how they met their husband’s.  I have read their experiences during pregnancies, stupid stories about dogs and emotional stories about finding out that not only are your pregnant, but hello TWINS! And they have invited me along w/ millions of readers to view pictures of all of these happenings and I LOVE it.

Along the way, Heather Armstrong has become one of the highest paid bloggers of our time and the most influential women…at least on the internet.  So much so, her husband is also a blogger and they run a blogging business at home.

It just so happens Heather Armstrong became infamous because she had a mental breakdown online, writing about her post partum depression.

When I had learned about all of this I thought, Wow, I should have started writing my blog when I was eighteen.  But I had no idea this was all going on.

And my blogging has been light for the last couple of months because writing about child support “stuff” isn’t something that I want to share.

I want to share stories and thoughts but this is all in writing and Joey, Marisa, Brandon and you can read this stuff. Knowingly I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, in my own head really.  Not out loud or written even.  Do I keep on writing? What does it help anyone? Can anyone relate?

I don’t know.

But I know that I love reading people’s blogs.  Witty, smart and interesting women and the things that they do, most of these women are women who work from home.  Meaning not only are they a mom full time writing is their job too.  These women have had books published, and yes, that was something that has always been in the back of my head, but the ideas always change and I never sit down to write any of them.

So in the mean time, when I get more time I’ll write and post more.  I sometimes feel that my thoughts are better articulated in writing then in conversation because my thought process is never calm.  It’s more like five ideas bombarding me and I tend to even confuse myself. Yes, funny yet exhausting.  And I’m pretty good at overanalyzing stupid stuff and I enjoy questioning everything, because why not?

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Fact: Joey is obsessed w/ dinosaurs and dragons and pretty much scary things like sharks and things that roar.

Fact: Brandon is pretty much the sweetest and most doting daddy I know.

Fact: I’m pretty blessed.

This weekend was our typical weekend, sleep in to what 7:30, eat, play, nap, wakeup eat play some more do some fun things…

Now, I’ve been trying to keep the house together so Saturday when we put Joey down for his nap Brandon fell asleep on our ModPod and I decided to get some cleaning done.  Well when I was done I figured, what the heck and I fell asleep on the couch.  We had somewhere to be so I woke up startled at the time and in awe of my luscious nap that I never get to take.  When I got up I woke up to the most sweetest sight since this reminds me of my dad.


This is my fave pic of my dad and I.

Joey must have woken up and of course he always ask for Brandon. ALWAYS, if he is playing something cool he runs to him first.  In fact, he colored some amazing animals this weekend and he makes sure to tell B first.

Anyway, this picture is the sweetest thing ever. It’s like Keith Urban sings, “It’s nice to have someone so honestly devoted…How two souls could be miles from one another, but still you and me somehow found each other…”

Yeah, I’m so cheesy that I just quoted Keith Urban.  Still you know this picture melts your heart.

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My Joey

The last couple of weeks have been extremely testing.  Extremely testing.

I had a chronic upper respiratory infection, while at the same time Joey then got sick followed by Brandon…followed by other personal issues.

Let me tell you, I have never wanted to be a stay at home mom more than staying home with Joey last week while I was coughing up a lung.

I find it a sheer luxury to stay home with my kids.  I think Marisa enjoys it when I’m home too even if nothing really changes.  I wasn’t even home so much for me, since I worked almost everyday while sick and left to urgent care one day.  All my days off are saved for Joey, so since he was sick I was able to nurse and kiss him to health.

I think I cooked dinner almost every day last week and the house was so clean!!! Ha, it’s exhausting too but it’s so worth it for me.

One of my sweetest joys is this.

Joey is almost four.  And in typical Anna form I’m starting to freak out because he isn’t a baby. Let me tell you, I milk every single second that I cuddle with Joey.  I know one day he’ll grow up to be a teenager and he won’t think I’m cool.

Joey is on a roll with his compliments to mommy,

“Mommy you are so pretty.”

“Mommy, oh, you smell so good!”

“I love your eye’s mommy.”

Now, Brandon is the sweetest man I know and he is very affectionate with me, Joey and Marisa.  BUT Joey probably tops us all.  He is constantly telling us he loves us and when it comes to me, he has so space issues in coming up to me and squeezing my face with his sticky hands to kiss me.  Planting a huge kiss on me.

And I’ll take the sticky hands with peanut butter and jelly, I’ll take the toy’s I constantly trip on in his room and I’ll take the countless times we read the same book over and over again each night.  I will take the bedtime song requests he gives me each night and the calling out for kiss from Brandon and Marisa.  Joey has taught me so much about love and conviction, conviction to fight for what is best for him, that each kiss and hugs, I absorb it all up.  I’m so in love with him.

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Dinosaurs and more

Joey has grown tremendously and lately I can’t help but saying how I can’t believe that he is almost four. I get it, in August, but still.

Joey’s obsession with dinosaurs makes it easy to get him to stay entertained.

We eat dinosaur shaped chicken, we cut our sandwiches in dinosaur shapes, we have many dinosaur toys that he wrestles with and we watch dinosaur movies. Including the ones that talk-amazing dinosaur documentaries.

I never could have imagined my life like it is today. NEVER.

I thought that yes, it was possible in a very slim way to eventually meet someone who would love me enough to want to be with me, but then how about my son?

Turns out it’s my son who was the most delicious icing on the cake and I’ll say that Marisa was the cherry on top.

Because B is the most amazing father I have ever met.  Seriously. I can say there are many men I can consider great dads, but B just about tops them.  To Joey he is awesome.  He is happy, supportive and imaginative to a level where it gets Joey excited.  B is probably one the hardest working men I know as well, yet he seems to always have it together.  Including in the morning where I  find myself frazzeled all, in serious mode barely cracking a smile. Not because I’m pissed, I’m not a morning person…or a sleepy person.  However, B is a moring, night, sleepy, middle of the night and always on person. It’s sick really and I dare not to compete with that. I just have to balance him and appreciate him for who he is, especially to Joey.

It’s pretty awesome to have someone who can actually hold his own and have my back.  Which, let me tell you, I’m not the easiet back to hold, but it sure feels amazing to be held. Not something I willl ever or can ever take for granted.  It’s his touch and they way he parents that truly is great.

It’s moments like these that put the biggest smile on my face!

Can you say face painting heaven? Yes.


First fishies for Joey


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Fast Food

Brandon and I both work full time. For the most part either him or I cook everyday, or both of us will cook.  Brandon is also the simplest man I know. Ever.  Per his request we had eggs, bacon and veggies for dinner one day after a workout.  Talk about easy.

Cooking for me has to be easy.

One, because I’m a horrible multitasker.

Two, by the time we get home, we and the kids are hungry and eating out isn’t an option for us. It isn’t healthy for us or our kids. So we cook.

My mom bragged about some amazing meatballs the other day and so last night, when I had to cook few lbs of organic grass fed ground beef to cook I phoned her.  Not only did this meal include and hidden veggies (minced of course) it took me about 20 mintues total to cook.

Note: I rarely follow directions or a recipe to tee. I always take away something (because I don’t have the patience to look for it) or I add something.

I added one egg to this so the meat stuck together more.

I minced or very thinly chopped half a white onion, two carrots and two celery sticks.

I added, salt, pepper, basil, and garlic powder.  About 1/2 a teaspoon of each to taste.

I smush it all up and made them into meatballs.

I used about 1 lb or a little bit more of ground beef.

Put on cookie sheet.

Preheat oven to 350 and then bake for 17 mins.

They were actually very good. And dinner was ready in no time, as was my lunch.

Eating healthy takes work, so the key for us is making lots more so there is always something healthy handy to eat. In order for me to eat better, I have to have stuff premade in the fridge and sorted.

For example: Washed and cut fruit and cooked veggies.  Salad.  Some protein.

Here is what my lunch looked like. I also had about a cup of strawberries too.

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Good changes!

I have redone a little here and there on my blog, mostly for me to notice.  But with that I will be adding a few more categories on here to spice things up and reflect me.

I’m going to be logging and posting more about Crossfit and our Paleo meals as a family.  Be prepared, I plan on posting before and after pictures as well; an addition to the food we eat.  Our household eats together as many meals as we can; our sixteen year old and our three year old eat what we eat.  Even if when they are done with their food they pick at ours… (well mostly Joey picking avocado and sweet potato off our plates.)

Brandon and I have a great balance as we both work full time, workout, and really care for our kids by spending quality of time together.  I’ll post a little on our balance.  Mainly, I couldn’t do what I do now, which is working full time, spend quality of time with Joey and Marisa and take care of a household if Brandon wasn’t as involved as he is.  We really work as a team.

I will be referring to Brandon as my Caveman from time to time, since eating Paleo is really a caveman diet and Brandon is the epitome of having self control, more often than not partaking on my ice cream binges.

I have attached a link to Everyday Paleo on easily breaking down what eating Paleo is.  It’s not a diet for us but more of a way of life.  We love the idea of prolonging our life and on a side note; my skin looks much healthier when I eat this way.

Sarah Fragoso runs an amazing blog, and on her blog you will also see she recommends The Paleo Solution, book by Robb Wolf and something Brandon is just about done reading.

I’ll keep a style category as I can’t not like clothes or makeup.  I’m currently working on prolonging everything I own and seeing what works.

Hope you continue to enjoy reading. Oh, and if you look here I have also updated a few on my About.  Can you believe Joey is almost FOUR years old!!?? I can’t!

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He loves singing. It's like I'm not even in the room when he is.


It’s disgusting right?

Yeah, I can’t help it. I’m a photographer. Yes, even when I shoot candid pictures of my kid and damn good looking boyfriend, that is me doing my thing: photography.

I kind of think Brandon isn’t too fond of getting his photo taken, but sometimes I just make him.

I pull out my blackberry and capture some of my favorite photos so I can occasionally drool throughout the day.

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