Posted by: Anna | March 14, 2011

Joke’s on us

A few weeks ago Brandon left to New Orleans for work.  He was gone for what seemed like the four longest days and nights of my life. 

I was a Zombie that week, because apparently I can’t sleep unless he’s in the same bed as me.  Also, Joey tends to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and when Brandon is home Joey prefers Brandon to me in the mornings.

This is why.

Brandon is a morning, day, night and midnight person.  When he wakes up he’s AWAKE. I mean, happy, awake, and coherent of everything that goes on.

I on the other hand, I’m not a morning person.  It takes me a while to function, I wake up in stages.  I have to put my alarm on so I can be in full swing 20 minutes later. When Joey wakes up, I tend to him with one eye open, he falls back to sleep as do I, QUICKLY.

If Brandon wakes up there is no way he is falling asleep easily. 

But for these reasons, when 6 am rolls around Joey calls out Brandon’s name first.  He’s a smart kid, he knows if Brandon wakes up first, Brandon is most likely to play dinosaurs loudly rather than mommy. Seriously, I can’t do it past like 40 minutes. I’m the bad guy, then the good guy then the bad guy.  And I can’t even braid dinosaurs hair because guess what, they don’t have any! And it hurts when the dinosaur knocks me around.

 Luckily, Joey’s loves to cuddle and is super affectionate with both of us.  So first, we try to get him to fall asleep as much as we can.

However, this weekend we told him to go back to sleep in his room.  And like a good listener, he was in his room quietly for an hour. Brandon and I thought;

A)     He fell asleep

B)      He is quietly playing

C)      Neither.

So after an hour we get out of bed, Brandon heads to see what Joey is doing as I brush my teeth.

Note: Joey ALWAYS manages to find stashes of candy in the house, and this time he struck gold. He found Halloween candy and had about four good pieces of candy. 

That morning I had to leave for a photo shoot and Brandon and Joey were watching a movie when I left the house.  When I got home, Brandon called me and said, “Hey listen, Joey ate a bunch of candy this morning when he was being quite, so could you please change his sheets and clean his room, we’re just about home and he needs to take a nap.”

So I was like “Okay…”

I walk into Joey’s room and he had a MESS of sugar all over his bed.  No wonder he was so quite!

I pick up the sheets and there is a mess of picksie dust (you know those sugar sticks).

Sneaky little kid.

So this weekend, not only did I have to look for every candy wrapper and crum of sugar in his room, I had to reorganize our pantry so every single piece of sweet was super high for Joey’s reach.

Now, let’s hope he doesn’t figure out to pull a chair!  Just when they are thinking we did a great job, seems like he did a great job by outsmarting us!

Posted by: Anna | March 3, 2011


In the Esquer-Garcia home we strive by routine. Our kids do and especially Joey.  If just one thing is done out-of-order he will be the first to let you know.  If you say something incorrectly he will call you out on it too.  Brandon and Joey use it as a joke now after Brandon confused lotion with tooth paste once, Joey thought it was HILARIOUS.  So to keep things fun we’ll confuse things on purpose.

One thing that I sometimes wish we could confuse this kid about is his bed time reading.  If you dare pull out a book other than The Very Dizzy Dinosaur, well then, you might as well poured some vinegar in his milk because he isn’t having it.

Joey loves dinosaurs, in fact one night I was reading this book and tried to skip a page.  When I was done Joey said,

“Oh, you forgot the page with the Velociraptor !”

And he went on to rehearse the whole page.

I’m serious.

So, if your little ones enjoy reading or being read too, this book is funny and cute.  Every single night when it gets to the “parting” page, well you can imagine the hysterics that come out of Joey’s room!

Posted by: Anna | March 2, 2011


I’m sure that you have read how obsessed I am with blush.

I love blush. In fact you will rarely catch me without blush, maybe early in the morning of after a very sweaty workout that’s just me and my red face.

However, at a very early age I fell in love with blushed cheeks because I would watch my mom get dolled up every single morning. Blush for me was the most natural accent you can give your face and I’ve always thought that everyone could use a bit more flush in their face.

Right now I use the following blushes. One is just like Orgasm by Nars, but both are by MAC and provide lots of pigment without having to use too much.  One is more matte the other has a bit more shimmer to it.

Springsheen by Mac, just like Orgasm that Nars makes.


Breath of Plum by MAC. It's pinky and gives you a blushed look.

I typically combine these two in the morning when I get ready, and by far my favorite brush to apply these two is this one.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush.

This brush can adhere pigment to it well, so you really don’t waste your product and it adds color great to your cheeks. I typically pat it into the color, dab it on my hand and brush on my face from the apple of my cheeks to the temples. It applies so well in the morning that I rarely have to reapply during the day.  (Which is huge for me, I won’t carry this brush around with me in my to go makeup bag).

The brush is $50, YES, I do think it’s pricey but if you take care of it well it will last you years! (Also, if you don’t loose it!) So to me it’s worth it.  It was given to me as a gift and I literally jumped up and down because I was that excited.

The blushes by MAC are about $18, you can order from MAC or Nordstrom. I think these shades are universal.  I use blush every day and they always last me about two years. So in the long run it pays to invest a little bit, but I love makeup.

I think blush is an easy way to make me look awake or ready for the day and since I love them so much and literally use them every single day figured I’d share it here!

Posted by: Anna | February 21, 2011

A beauty must have!

Okay, so I have been MIA for a while and I can’t help but everything I plan NEVER happens.  I’ve learned to accept that and go with the flow and hope that my family and friends understand.

But here I am and ready to conquer this thing I started over a year ago called blogging and to start out let’s talk skin.

My skin has always misbehaved and I have tried many products, mostly pricey.  Because its assumed to believe that the more natural and more expensive the product the prettier the skin will be. Not true.

And after countless dollars spent on facials that didn’t work and products that didn’t work I finally visited a dermatologist and have been on a strict regime for my skin for four weeks and ta da! My skin is responding perfectly.  One of the things that is a MUST HAVE for me and since it also is for sensitive skin (which I have) and has spf 30, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I’m absolutely in love with this face lotion.  Not only is it a steal, you can find it at your drugstore for $8.  It has spf, is hypo allergenic, great for sensitive skin, very moisturizing without feeling or looking like goo.

I love that it has a pump, I can gently pump some into my fingers every morning after I wash my face, gently massage or rub on, forehead down to my neck (no one wants a wrinkly aged neck so got to slap on spf on that too) and I let it air dry for a minute before I apply makeup.

It does have spf so you want to rub it in a little, but the results are amazing!  I figured since I was so in love with this and it doesn’t break my wallet it was a must. Plus it lets you skin breathe!

Posted by: Anna | February 18, 2011

Sweet 16

The birthday girl.

Marisa turned 16 just a few days ago.  In the middle of the week where Joey and her got really sick. Poor things.

Our  families were able to come together one evening for this precious girl, who is Brandon’s baby.  And as I can attest is one beautiful human being and wonderful daughter. I love loving this kid, she is such her daddy’s daughter.

Happy Birthday Marisa. Sixteen is a wonderful year and you are such a blessing and are blessed with amazing parents. Remember to reach for the stars baby! We love you!

Sweet 16 cookies courtesy of her fave aunt and parnter in crime her Aunt Bea. 🙂

Posted by: Anna | December 30, 2010

A post and photos of the past year…

I just had the chance to view most of my blog posts since the beginning of starting this blog.

I started writing as a way to release my creative writing skills or wants that I don’t get to do much at work.  I thought, hey, good idea Michal; I’ll be one of the first mommy bloggers.


Turns out there are many mommy bloggers, some who also happen to make a lot of mullah off of blogs.

My blogging surrounded Joey and the joys of being a single momma. I wanted to paint everyone a picture of my life, as funny and real as it can be.

Then my life shifted dramatically.  Then it shifted again dramatically.  And after July I had to force myself not to write so much.

Currently, all I want for Joey is what is best for Joey.  That has me writing less detail about those circumstances.

I can say this, Joey is my first love. He has taught me so much about myself and I refuse to back down on providing what is best for him.

This year also, I met an angel.  An OCD angle who freaks out if I use the knife differently in fear that in all Anna form I will cut myself.  And seriously, I don’t even blame him, if you see my hands at any point, I usually have one cut on a finger because I got in a fight with my stupid blow dryer, knife, or let me not forget to mention the garbage disposal.

Anyhow, the day I met this man I had no idea what was going to happen.  In fact, a secret about us is the day I met him I didn’t even know what he was going to look like. He had seen me, but I had never seen him.

Well, turns out I had seen him, but I was too engrossed in not paying attention to my surroundings purposely that I could have missed out in falling in love with the kindest man I know.

Yet, he noticed me.

When I was asked how I felt about dating, I had already made a decision in my heart that I was open.

And lucky for me, open came at the exact time that I was introduced to him.

Now as a mom, who is single, you don’t introduce your children to people. To people you date. No, you introduce your children when you know.

This past year Joey has grown tremendously, but I haven’t written a lot of our stories on purpose. He has grown, matured; he sleeps in his own bed by himself.  He wakes up everyday happy, ready for Brandon and me to get him ready.

Brandon is the only other person in Joey’s life that has changed him, bathed him and played with him more than me.

To love a man who is has a kind heart, an open heart, patient, who treats you with so much respect and thoughtfulness obviously makes it more than easy to fall completely in love with him.

On top of that, to have the man who you love with every piece of your heart love your child that same way, well that is at another complete level.

Brandon loves Joey like Joey was his own.  He treats Joey with the same respect, tenderness, love and thoughtfulness as he treats me.

A mother could not ask for anything else.

An in return, I have gained a daughter. I love someone that I didn’t know I could love like this.  I am learning things about myself, and I am learning along with my family that good and love exist in ways that do end up saving you.

Once we both thought, individually that we were good alone. But it turns out that we were good alone until the day he found me.

This year, like the moment I met Joey, has been the best time of my life.

Brandon allows me to be me; we have built a respect and understanding for each other and our children that exists with love.

Ah, yes, this is a sappy post, but it’s a truthful post. I can’t post everything I want to write at the present moment.

Everyday night I go to bed thinking how happy I am. And I roll over and he is there, happy. Never in a million years did I think I could share a bed and actually SLEEP. Now the moment he isn’t there I can’t sleep.

When I see Marisa laugh, or tell a story, it makes me smile. She is the happiest teenager I know, the liveliest and the funniest. When I see her face I see Brandon. It amazes me the way they are so alike.

We fell in love, not because we had to, but because we couldn’t help it.

We met each other’s kids, not because we had to, because we wanted to.

We are together as a family, not because we have to be, because we want to be.

And we laugh about growing old together, not because we have to, but because we want to.

Life is funny; it’s surprising, hard, full of joy, full of tears, full of choices.

And for me, I’m pretty happy that we chose each other.

I’m very excited about next year! Happy New Year!

(You will have to view this video on YouTube or just clike on this link)

Posted by: Anna | December 2, 2010

J should stand for B

This is what unconditonal love looks like…

This Thanksgiving was one of the sweetest for me, spending it with our kids and seeing how these two are crazy for one another.  That is Love.

I love their smile...

They are the sweetest thing...

Posted by: Anna | November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Sister

When my sister was born, twenty three years ago, I was very excited.  I just knew she was going to be a girl, despite all of my uncles taunting me that she would be a boy.

I wanted a sister.

After five years of being the only child, my mom and I wore matching dresses when she was pregnant.  And when I woke up looking for my parents on that day, I found house full of uncles ready to spoil me rotten until I got to meet my brother!

Well, my dad finally picked me up and took me to the hospital.  I wish I could remember what I was wearing, but I don’t. I don’t remember seeing my mom on that day either. I just remember my dad holding me up and pointing to my little sister.  Sweet chubby face and little white dots on her nose.  That is what I told my dad.  She was swaddled in a blankie with a little beanie on, being born a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

I had gotten my way and I got a little sister.

I couldn’t wait to hold either.  To teach her everything I know.

I remember having to wash my hands, up to my elbows just so my mom would let me hold her.  But then my hands were to cold that my mom put a towel over my arms and placed my little sister in my arms.

My next memories of her care of me crying because she was pulling the heads off of all my Barbies and destroying everything!!!

My sister and I began fighting since before I can remember.  We were very good and taunting each other and she was of course my little shadow.  And in order for me not to get into trouble I wouldn’t hit her back as much, that my friend would leave a scar. I would pull her hair.

Yet, at night we often shared a bed.  We felt safe together.

My sister and I have always been different.  I am the oldest, the protector, and the one with the thickest skin.  She was the baby, the middle child, the sensitive one who was always there when I cried.

My sister was there when I found out I was pregnant.  She was there thru my freak-out and told me this…

“I am glad it was you and not me.”

Ha ha ha.

In my darkest times, she was there, quietly, holding my hand, letting me cry.

She is loud, sweet, endearing, strong and loving.  My son and I haven’t seen her for over a year.  She joined the Army, moved to Alaska and got married.

We both have met the love of our lives and haven’t met them yet.  There are things you can tell your sister that you can’t share with anyone else.  Your sister will not judge you.  Sister’s just love you.  And I miss my sister.  Life has changed, we are adults and she is far away.  Yet, we talk all the time on the phone and if our voice is the only thing the other person needs to hear to feel better, then that is what we do.

Joey knows who she is, and she calls all the time, he even rolls his eyes, and is like…
“Yes, I know who Tia Janet is!”

Of course, you don’t forget a heart like my sisters.

So today on your bday Janet. Happy Birthday.  It was 23 years ago that I had my way when God let me have a little sister. I love you. I’m proud of you and thank you.

Before she left to the Army

Posted by: Anna | November 4, 2010

Time flies by

Tell me what happens now?

 Look, he went from my little bundle of joy,

Joey at seven months

To my big bundle of joy who sneaks cookies from the pantry and eats them very quietly not making a mess. He also is enthralled with dinosaurs. Can you tell?

Halloween 2010

Posted by: Anna | October 29, 2010

A softy

When I was young, I was pretty rebellious.  I didn’t want to be the norm, be anyone’s norm or fit it the norm. I wanted to excel, and I would do it young and mean if I had to.

I got through college that way, fairly alone with two great friends, since leaving LA with my family and attending ASU. I didn’t need a huge group of friends in AZ because I always thought I was going to move back to LA after college.

Instead I landed a PR job that paid no money, but I loved the company what they stood for at the time, and I risked it, went with my gut and took the job.

I was happy and working hard and long hours.  I was a young woman, 21 years old, landing a fantastic job right out of college. A year later I earned a pretty decent bonus and pay increase.

What I should have done is save every single penny for the future. But at 22, no way, I was living it up, having done my work in college, it was time to play.  I ended a 3 year long relationship with my college sweetheart because in my gut I knew it was not meant to be, and I don’t do things usually that doesn’t feel right.

I was known as fierce, serious and bitchy.  At 5’1 and about 102lbs at the time, my coworkers were afraid of me.

Seriously, afraid of me? Yeah.

Fast forward a year and I meet a man, who I think is great and I end up pregnant.

At the same time I end up with the biggest broken heart and spirit one can imagine and would not wish on anyone. 

As quickly as I became pregnant, I quickly became a single mom.  For me, becoming a mother, accepting that I was about to become a mother never freaked me out.  Well the surprise of it did, but the actual baby in my belly, Joey was loved the instant I knew he existed.  And my love was going to supply everything and anything my kid would need. Period.

My parents felt the exact same way.  Now at twenty three, they chose to be my support group one hundred percent.  And the times that they were with me throughout my pregnancy with Joey, those are times I cherish and will never forget.  It’s a love like theirs that allowed me to focus on my son and doing the best I could.

The obstacles that faced me, the emotional turmoil that I went through, I was prepared since I was pretty thicked skinned. What I wasn’t prepared for was softening it up, and people took notice.

I had people at my job at the time, be extremely affectionate and tell me how awesome it was that I soften so much since my pregnancy.  I became approachable.

Which, I guess having a bulging belly makes a woman approachable.

Then when I had Joey, well forget it. He was the sweetest thing that ever existed. And it was just him and me.  I would love picking him up, I would love to nurse him and coo him back to sleep.  It was the most amazing feeling.  And though I lived with my parents, I didn’t require their midnight shifts, those were my favorite. There were even times when (now you have to know I can’t see without my glasses, I have horrible eyesight) I would change Joey’s diaper, it was so dark and I was tired, and the pee all over my face would wake me up.  It would crack us up.

Joey was born knowing that I loved him.  He was born the sweetest most affectionate child that eventually let me open my heart to others and smile more.

I honestly think, that if it wasn’t for Joey’s sweetness I wouldn’t of allowed myself to love a man like I do today.

A mother loves her child unconditionally, meaning, there is really nothing your child can do to make you stop loving them.  You just love.

Today, when I dropped off Joey at school, a mother approached me and cooed about Joey and how sweet he is.  Then in Spanish she continues to tell me how my son is the sweetest little boy she knows and how she can tell that I have a strong character and am a hard ass.  She continues by saying, “Usually, with people like you, God gives you something to soften your heart.”


Because of people like me?  Coming from a woman who doesn’t know me. I am a hard ass, because in my life I have been taken advantage of, and in order to protect your baby you have to be a hard ass.

And when I met Brandon and fell in love, that man has melted my heart.  Watching him interact with Joey, play with him, sing with him, and dance with him.

Let me tell you, there are few men like him that exist.  And everyday I’m huge softy, because their interactions bring me to tears.

The bitchy hard ass is now the softy who typically cries about just about everything.  But they are all happy tears.

The best boys ever

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