Posted by: Anna | August 19, 2011


Joey’s birthday was last week and normall I’m all over this, but I’m more all over playing with Transformers toys and everything a little boy can dream of.

Joey is the big Four which also happens to be his favorite number.  More like he has been preparing to be four for the last year.  He’s pretty ready.

He’s not my baby anymore and yes, I miss having a baby. I miss the chubby cheeks and the little body that I would throw on my hip.

I miss the sleepless nights just because he would want to sleep with me.

Now I get, “Mama come sleep with me for a while.”

Then after literally three minutes he says, “Okay mama, can I sleep alone now?”

“Yes, you can.”

And I go about my business and almost every night when I go back into his room to turn him over ont the right side of the bed and make sure he’s covered I pick him up and craddle Joey.  I love holding him when he’s asleep, even if it’s for a minute.  He just lays there and I see his chubby cheeks and appreciate that last four years that God has given me.  Although some of the hardest years of my life, also the best and sweetest years of my life.

I hope I can carry Joey up until I literally can no long carry Joey while he sleeps.  Because your kids do love you forever, and I will always love Joey forever.


You’re my sunshine.

My only sunshine.

I was able to find pictures Joey and I took when he turned one and the ones we just took when he turned Four. Welcome to my sweet life.

With Joey 2008

With Joey 2008


Still hamming it up!


With Joey August 2011


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