Posted by: Anna | July 11, 2011

I’ll Love you Forever

Every year around this time I get kind of sad.  And after almost Four years you’d think I’d get over the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.  He isn’t for sure a baby anymore.

Joey will be FOUR years old in about a month.   And I know I have a four year old in my hands because he now…

Has learned how to swim in just three weeks.

Is not only obsessed with Dinosaurs but Transformers, um, Optimus Prime anyone? (Joey and Brandon love to sing…”Transformers…Robots in disguise.”)

He is awesome at coloring!  Which I love because he can sit and color forever.

He knows when to feed his fish every day.

He wears at least one tattoo at all times.  Current one is on his back.

He knows exactly what he wants to eat and eat as much as a dinosaur does.

Joey also knows by now that his mommy is a deep sleeper so whenever it is that he wanders to the bathroom or to our room in the middle of the night he asks Brandon. 

It’s pretty awesome to have someone that we can both count on and Brandon is by far the best daddy I have ever met.

When Brandon and I moved in together last year I thought, wow, Joey will probably have a hard time learning to sleep on his own. But nope, it took Joey about three nights to adjust while it took me about two months to adjust sleeping without Joey.  There are many nights that I just go in his bedroom and carry him up and rock him while he sleeps, (yes, very much like the the book,Love you Forever.”)  I cherish every single second with Joey.  I cherish the moments where he wakes up and demands banana pancakes, potatoes, bacon and sausage.   I cherish the obsession with watching Dinosaur documentaries instead of colored and sing along cartoons.  I cherish the fact that he thinks I’m the most beautiful person and he stares at me while I put on his shoes.  There is always something interesting going on with mommy to him. 

He likes to run in the closet while I put on my makeup and maybe sometimes I pretend I’m curling his eye lashes.  I cherish him when he tells me that he’ll share MY drink with me because that’s what big kids do.

He’s a pretty amazing kid with a great memory.  I’ve always been in awe of Joey, but mostly lately.  He’s a little human being that grew inside my belly, whom I nursed, fed and have raised.  He’s pretty darn appreciative and polite too and he absolutely knows he’s the coolest kid who his mommy adores. 


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