Posted by: Anna | June 30, 2011

A post

I started my blog here because I was bored.  I wanted to voice thoughts in my head and I had no idea there were thousands, now millions of bloggers out there.

Two blogs that I read almost every day is Heather Armstrong’s blog Dooce and Rebecca Woolf’s blog Girl’s Gone Wild.

I even set up a twitter account so I could follow their tweets and other’s like Taylor Swift, (yes I am a Swift fan) and other people that I find interesting or funny (Daniel Tosh anyone?). My twitter account is inactive as of who knows when for the time being now.

Reading these blogs I have witnessed, well I have read their stories about how they met their husband’s.  I have read their experiences during pregnancies, stupid stories about dogs and emotional stories about finding out that not only are your pregnant, but hello TWINS! And they have invited me along w/ millions of readers to view pictures of all of these happenings and I LOVE it.

Along the way, Heather Armstrong has become one of the highest paid bloggers of our time and the most influential women…at least on the internet.  So much so, her husband is also a blogger and they run a blogging business at home.

It just so happens Heather Armstrong became infamous because she had a mental breakdown online, writing about her post partum depression.

When I had learned about all of this I thought, Wow, I should have started writing my blog when I was eighteen.  But I had no idea this was all going on.

And my blogging has been light for the last couple of months because writing about child support “stuff” isn’t something that I want to share.

I want to share stories and thoughts but this is all in writing and Joey, Marisa, Brandon and you can read this stuff. Knowingly I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, in my own head really.  Not out loud or written even.  Do I keep on writing? What does it help anyone? Can anyone relate?

I don’t know.

But I know that I love reading people’s blogs.  Witty, smart and interesting women and the things that they do, most of these women are women who work from home.  Meaning not only are they a mom full time writing is their job too.  These women have had books published, and yes, that was something that has always been in the back of my head, but the ideas always change and I never sit down to write any of them.

So in the mean time, when I get more time I’ll write and post more.  I sometimes feel that my thoughts are better articulated in writing then in conversation because my thought process is never calm.  It’s more like five ideas bombarding me and I tend to even confuse myself. Yes, funny yet exhausting.  And I’m pretty good at overanalyzing stupid stuff and I enjoy questioning everything, because why not?

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