Posted by: Anna | May 23, 2011


Fact: Joey is obsessed w/ dinosaurs and dragons and pretty much scary things like sharks and things that roar.

Fact: Brandon is pretty much the sweetest and most doting daddy I know.

Fact: I’m pretty blessed.

This weekend was our typical weekend, sleep in to what 7:30, eat, play, nap, wakeup eat play some more do some fun things…

Now, I’ve been trying to keep the house together so Saturday when we put Joey down for his nap Brandon fell asleep on our ModPod and I decided to get some cleaning done.  Well when I was done I figured, what the heck and I fell asleep on the couch.  We had somewhere to be so I woke up startled at the time and in awe of my luscious nap that I never get to take.  When I got up I woke up to the most sweetest sight since this reminds me of my dad.


This is my fave pic of my dad and I.

Joey must have woken up and of course he always ask for Brandon. ALWAYS, if he is playing something cool he runs to him first.  In fact, he colored some amazing animals this weekend and he makes sure to tell B first.

Anyway, this picture is the sweetest thing ever. It’s like Keith Urban sings, “It’s nice to have someone so honestly devoted…How two souls could be miles from one another, but still you and me somehow found each other…”

Yeah, I’m so cheesy that I just quoted Keith Urban.  Still you know this picture melts your heart.

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