Posted by: Anna | May 20, 2011

My Joey

The last couple of weeks have been extremely testing.  Extremely testing.

I had a chronic upper respiratory infection, while at the same time Joey then got sick followed by Brandon…followed by other personal issues.

Let me tell you, I have never wanted to be a stay at home mom more than staying home with Joey last week while I was coughing up a lung.

I find it a sheer luxury to stay home with my kids.  I think Marisa enjoys it when I’m home too even if nothing really changes.  I wasn’t even home so much for me, since I worked almost everyday while sick and left to urgent care one day.  All my days off are saved for Joey, so since he was sick I was able to nurse and kiss him to health.

I think I cooked dinner almost every day last week and the house was so clean!!! Ha, it’s exhausting too but it’s so worth it for me.

One of my sweetest joys is this.

Joey is almost four.  And in typical Anna form I’m starting to freak out because he isn’t a baby. Let me tell you, I milk every single second that I cuddle with Joey.  I know one day he’ll grow up to be a teenager and he won’t think I’m cool.

Joey is on a roll with his compliments to mommy,

“Mommy you are so pretty.”

“Mommy, oh, you smell so good!”

“I love your eye’s mommy.”

Now, Brandon is the sweetest man I know and he is very affectionate with me, Joey and Marisa.  BUT Joey probably tops us all.  He is constantly telling us he loves us and when it comes to me, he has so space issues in coming up to me and squeezing my face with his sticky hands to kiss me.  Planting a huge kiss on me.

And I’ll take the sticky hands with peanut butter and jelly, I’ll take the toy’s I constantly trip on in his room and I’ll take the countless times we read the same book over and over again each night.  I will take the bedtime song requests he gives me each night and the calling out for kiss from Brandon and Marisa.  Joey has taught me so much about love and conviction, conviction to fight for what is best for him, that each kiss and hugs, I absorb it all up.  I’m so in love with him.

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