Posted by: Anna | April 19, 2011

Dinosaurs and more

Joey has grown tremendously and lately I can’t help but saying how I can’t believe that he is almost four. I get it, in August, but still.

Joey’s obsession with dinosaurs makes it easy to get him to stay entertained.

We eat dinosaur shaped chicken, we cut our sandwiches in dinosaur shapes, we have many dinosaur toys that he wrestles with and we watch dinosaur movies. Including the ones that talk-amazing dinosaur documentaries.

I never could have imagined my life like it is today. NEVER.

I thought that yes, it was possible in a very slim way to eventually meet someone who would love me enough to want to be with me, but then how about my son?

Turns out it’s my son who was the most delicious icing on the cake and I’ll say that Marisa was the cherry on top.

Because B is the most amazing father I have ever met.  Seriously. I can say there are many men I can consider great dads, but B just about tops them.  To Joey he is awesome.  He is happy, supportive and imaginative to a level where it gets Joey excited.  B is probably one the hardest working men I know as well, yet he seems to always have it together.  Including in the morning where I  find myself frazzeled all, in serious mode barely cracking a smile. Not because I’m pissed, I’m not a morning person…or a sleepy person.  However, B is a moring, night, sleepy, middle of the night and always on person. It’s sick really and I dare not to compete with that. I just have to balance him and appreciate him for who he is, especially to Joey.

It’s pretty awesome to have someone who can actually hold his own and have my back.  Which, let me tell you, I’m not the easiet back to hold, but it sure feels amazing to be held. Not something I willl ever or can ever take for granted.  It’s his touch and they way he parents that truly is great.

It’s moments like these that put the biggest smile on my face!

Can you say face painting heaven? Yes.


First fishies for Joey


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