Posted by: Anna | March 14, 2011

Joke’s on us

A few weeks ago Brandon left to New Orleans for work.  He was gone for what seemed like the four longest days and nights of my life. 

I was a Zombie that week, because apparently I can’t sleep unless he’s in the same bed as me.  Also, Joey tends to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and when Brandon is home Joey prefers Brandon to me in the mornings.

This is why.

Brandon is a morning, day, night and midnight person.  When he wakes up he’s AWAKE. I mean, happy, awake, and coherent of everything that goes on.

I on the other hand, I’m not a morning person.  It takes me a while to function, I wake up in stages.  I have to put my alarm on so I can be in full swing 20 minutes later. When Joey wakes up, I tend to him with one eye open, he falls back to sleep as do I, QUICKLY.

If Brandon wakes up there is no way he is falling asleep easily. 

But for these reasons, when 6 am rolls around Joey calls out Brandon’s name first.  He’s a smart kid, he knows if Brandon wakes up first, Brandon is most likely to play dinosaurs loudly rather than mommy. Seriously, I can’t do it past like 40 minutes. I’m the bad guy, then the good guy then the bad guy.  And I can’t even braid dinosaurs hair because guess what, they don’t have any! And it hurts when the dinosaur knocks me around.

 Luckily, Joey’s loves to cuddle and is super affectionate with both of us.  So first, we try to get him to fall asleep as much as we can.

However, this weekend we told him to go back to sleep in his room.  And like a good listener, he was in his room quietly for an hour. Brandon and I thought;

A)     He fell asleep

B)      He is quietly playing

C)      Neither.

So after an hour we get out of bed, Brandon heads to see what Joey is doing as I brush my teeth.

Note: Joey ALWAYS manages to find stashes of candy in the house, and this time he struck gold. He found Halloween candy and had about four good pieces of candy. 

That morning I had to leave for a photo shoot and Brandon and Joey were watching a movie when I left the house.  When I got home, Brandon called me and said, “Hey listen, Joey ate a bunch of candy this morning when he was being quite, so could you please change his sheets and clean his room, we’re just about home and he needs to take a nap.”

So I was like “Okay…”

I walk into Joey’s room and he had a MESS of sugar all over his bed.  No wonder he was so quite!

I pick up the sheets and there is a mess of picksie dust (you know those sugar sticks).

Sneaky little kid.

So this weekend, not only did I have to look for every candy wrapper and crum of sugar in his room, I had to reorganize our pantry so every single piece of sweet was super high for Joey’s reach.

Now, let’s hope he doesn’t figure out to pull a chair!  Just when they are thinking we did a great job, seems like he did a great job by outsmarting us!


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