Posted by: Anna | March 3, 2011


In the Esquer-Garcia home we strive by routine. Our kids do and especially Joey.  If just one thing is done out-of-order he will be the first to let you know.  If you say something incorrectly he will call you out on it too.  Brandon and Joey use it as a joke now after Brandon confused lotion with tooth paste once, Joey thought it was HILARIOUS.  So to keep things fun we’ll confuse things on purpose.

One thing that I sometimes wish we could confuse this kid about is his bed time reading.  If you dare pull out a book other than The Very Dizzy Dinosaur, well then, you might as well poured some vinegar in his milk because he isn’t having it.

Joey loves dinosaurs, in fact one night I was reading this book and tried to skip a page.  When I was done Joey said,

“Oh, you forgot the page with the Velociraptor !”

And he went on to rehearse the whole page.

I’m serious.

So, if your little ones enjoy reading or being read too, this book is funny and cute.  Every single night when it gets to the “parting” page, well you can imagine the hysterics that come out of Joey’s room!


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