Posted by: Anna | March 2, 2011


I’m sure that you have read how obsessed I am with blush.

I love blush. In fact you will rarely catch me without blush, maybe early in the morning of after a very sweaty workout that’s just me and my red face.

However, at a very early age I fell in love with blushed cheeks because I would watch my mom get dolled up every single morning. Blush for me was the most natural accent you can give your face and I’ve always thought that everyone could use a bit more flush in their face.

Right now I use the following blushes. One is just like Orgasm by Nars, but both are by MAC and provide lots of pigment without having to use too much.  One is more matte the other has a bit more shimmer to it.

Springsheen by Mac, just like Orgasm that Nars makes.


Breath of Plum by MAC. It's pinky and gives you a blushed look.

I typically combine these two in the morning when I get ready, and by far my favorite brush to apply these two is this one.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush.

This brush can adhere pigment to it well, so you really don’t waste your product and it adds color great to your cheeks. I typically pat it into the color, dab it on my hand and brush on my face from the apple of my cheeks to the temples. It applies so well in the morning that I rarely have to reapply during the day.  (Which is huge for me, I won’t carry this brush around with me in my to go makeup bag).

The brush is $50, YES, I do think it’s pricey but if you take care of it well it will last you years! (Also, if you don’t loose it!) So to me it’s worth it.  It was given to me as a gift and I literally jumped up and down because I was that excited.

The blushes by MAC are about $18, you can order from MAC or Nordstrom. I think these shades are universal.  I use blush every day and they always last me about two years. So in the long run it pays to invest a little bit, but I love makeup.

I think blush is an easy way to make me look awake or ready for the day and since I love them so much and literally use them every single day figured I’d share it here!


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