Posted by: Anna | February 21, 2011

A beauty must have!

Okay, so I have been MIA for a while and I can’t help but everything I plan NEVER happens.  I’ve learned to accept that and go with the flow and hope that my family and friends understand.

But here I am and ready to conquer this thing I started over a year ago called blogging and to start out let’s talk skin.

My skin has always misbehaved and I have tried many products, mostly pricey.  Because its assumed to believe that the more natural and more expensive the product the prettier the skin will be. Not true.

And after countless dollars spent on facials that didn’t work and products that didn’t work I finally visited a dermatologist and have been on a strict regime for my skin for four weeks and ta da! My skin is responding perfectly.  One of the things that is a MUST HAVE for me and since it also is for sensitive skin (which I have) and has spf 30, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

I’m absolutely in love with this face lotion.  Not only is it a steal, you can find it at your drugstore for $8.  It has spf, is hypo allergenic, great for sensitive skin, very moisturizing without feeling or looking like goo.

I love that it has a pump, I can gently pump some into my fingers every morning after I wash my face, gently massage or rub on, forehead down to my neck (no one wants a wrinkly aged neck so got to slap on spf on that too) and I let it air dry for a minute before I apply makeup.

It does have spf so you want to rub it in a little, but the results are amazing!  I figured since I was so in love with this and it doesn’t break my wallet it was a must. Plus it lets you skin breathe!


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