Posted by: Anna | December 30, 2010

A post and photos of the past year…

I just had the chance to view most of my blog posts since the beginning of starting this blog.

I started writing as a way to release my creative writing skills or wants that I don’t get to do much at work.  I thought, hey, good idea Michal; I’ll be one of the first mommy bloggers.


Turns out there are many mommy bloggers, some who also happen to make a lot of mullah off of blogs.

My blogging surrounded Joey and the joys of being a single momma. I wanted to paint everyone a picture of my life, as funny and real as it can be.

Then my life shifted dramatically.  Then it shifted again dramatically.  And after July I had to force myself not to write so much.

Currently, all I want for Joey is what is best for Joey.  That has me writing less detail about those circumstances.

I can say this, Joey is my first love. He has taught me so much about myself and I refuse to back down on providing what is best for him.

This year also, I met an angel.  An OCD angle who freaks out if I use the knife differently in fear that in all Anna form I will cut myself.  And seriously, I don’t even blame him, if you see my hands at any point, I usually have one cut on a finger because I got in a fight with my stupid blow dryer, knife, or let me not forget to mention the garbage disposal.

Anyhow, the day I met this man I had no idea what was going to happen.  In fact, a secret about us is the day I met him I didn’t even know what he was going to look like. He had seen me, but I had never seen him.

Well, turns out I had seen him, but I was too engrossed in not paying attention to my surroundings purposely that I could have missed out in falling in love with the kindest man I know.

Yet, he noticed me.

When I was asked how I felt about dating, I had already made a decision in my heart that I was open.

And lucky for me, open came at the exact time that I was introduced to him.

Now as a mom, who is single, you don’t introduce your children to people. To people you date. No, you introduce your children when you know.

This past year Joey has grown tremendously, but I haven’t written a lot of our stories on purpose. He has grown, matured; he sleeps in his own bed by himself.  He wakes up everyday happy, ready for Brandon and me to get him ready.

Brandon is the only other person in Joey’s life that has changed him, bathed him and played with him more than me.

To love a man who is has a kind heart, an open heart, patient, who treats you with so much respect and thoughtfulness obviously makes it more than easy to fall completely in love with him.

On top of that, to have the man who you love with every piece of your heart love your child that same way, well that is at another complete level.

Brandon loves Joey like Joey was his own.  He treats Joey with the same respect, tenderness, love and thoughtfulness as he treats me.

A mother could not ask for anything else.

An in return, I have gained a daughter. I love someone that I didn’t know I could love like this.  I am learning things about myself, and I am learning along with my family that good and love exist in ways that do end up saving you.

Once we both thought, individually that we were good alone. But it turns out that we were good alone until the day he found me.

This year, like the moment I met Joey, has been the best time of my life.

Brandon allows me to be me; we have built a respect and understanding for each other and our children that exists with love.

Ah, yes, this is a sappy post, but it’s a truthful post. I can’t post everything I want to write at the present moment.

Everyday night I go to bed thinking how happy I am. And I roll over and he is there, happy. Never in a million years did I think I could share a bed and actually SLEEP. Now the moment he isn’t there I can’t sleep.

When I see Marisa laugh, or tell a story, it makes me smile. She is the happiest teenager I know, the liveliest and the funniest. When I see her face I see Brandon. It amazes me the way they are so alike.

We fell in love, not because we had to, but because we couldn’t help it.

We met each other’s kids, not because we had to, because we wanted to.

We are together as a family, not because we have to be, because we want to be.

And we laugh about growing old together, not because we have to, but because we want to.

Life is funny; it’s surprising, hard, full of joy, full of tears, full of choices.

And for me, I’m pretty happy that we chose each other.

I’m very excited about next year! Happy New Year!

(You will have to view this video on YouTube or just clike on this link)


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