Posted by: Anna | October 26, 2010


Last night, well, like every other night for the past two weeks I say out loud, this is my last cheat meal Brandon!  And of course, my boyfriend is a sweetheart and laughs. Rubs my hair and kisses me on the forehead, even though time and time again I tell him to hold me accountable. He does, I just don’t listen.

Last night after finishing up things around the house and both separately working on our laptops I was hungry. And it was 11:45pm.

Me: “What are you working on?”

Brandon: “Stuff.”

Me: “I’m so hungry!”

Brandon: “Go to sleep baby.”

Me: “Ha!”

I go get some apple sauce, because you know that is Paleo. BUT what I really wanted was a slice of chocolate cake that was in our refrigerator.  It had been in there too long now, it was the “party” we threw for Joey last week when he was able to keep his hands to himself and follow directions at school.

Which by the way (here goes a tangent), I was at his soccer practice last night and I am teaching Joey to keep his hands to himself. He doesn’t do a very good job at this so we coach him on this every day. So, last night he is at soccer practice and a little boy pushes Joey.  Joey stays still, but rolls his eyes. I didn’t say anything at first wanting to see how my baby ticks and sure enough, the little boy runs by and Joey and Joey reaches his hands out and brings him down.

Don’t laugh.

It’s not funny. Really. I brought it to his attention, he apologized and all the kids went about their business.

Well, this IS funny. 

As they were all running, you know all fifteen of them ages 3-5, they burst into a game of TAG.  The soccer ball, well what soccer ball?  It was the funniest thing, all kids were running after each other, tackling one another, tagging one another and the coach obviously lost it. Bless his heart. That man didn’t know what to do. All of us parents got our kids and brought them back to play SOCCER!  I mean, seriously, how much can a boy who just about turned 3 want to do after being in preschool all day.  That kids lives for water breaks! He runs to me like he just scored three goals!

For us, it teaches him to keep his hands to himself and learn things. You know, things.

Moving on.

So I get my slice of cake and my lap top freezes and Brandon says, “Go for it babe.”

I mean, duh, I AM going to go for it. It’s chocolate cake. And then I go back to my computer and look over some photos I took this weekend at our Crossfit gym.  There was a fundraiser where Brandon participated in and I took over 1,000 pictures! I think I have only edited about twenty, sorry I’m busy. But look.


This man encourages me to eat chocolate cake.

Kiss me on the forehead at least once a day.

And Joey had the cutest outfit on this morning compliments of him.

How could I not love him? I don’t think I would have it in me.

And then, I see this…

I’d say, “a girl can dream right?” But I don’t have to. He’s pretty real.

Now this is CAKE!!!!!!!



  1. It is pretty wonderful having a supportive man around 😀

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