Posted by: Anna | October 12, 2010

Parent, Eat like a Caveman?

In the adjustment of having and caring for a family, which leads no time for boredom, EVER, I have resulted in giving in to many many of my cravings.

You have to understand, in our household we eat Paleo, we eat meats, veggies, fruits, nuts (I only eat Pecans), and yes we do have very little treats for our kids that they can enjoy.  B calls himself a Caveman, he is a hunter gatherer and this man has the most self control ever, with EVERYTHING!

Unlike me, I have tried to exercise self control when it comes to everything, luckily because of B; I know how to exercise my self control only when it comes to food, especially SWEETS.  I’m so addicted to sweets its unreal.  Cake, banana bread, ICE CREAM, I am never one to pass them up. But lately, it affects my mood and the way I feel health wise.  I have felt disgusting for the last week or so, so much so that I have become emotional and had horrible headaches.  It’s true, WHAT you eat affects you, so I am getting back on track to eating like a cavewoman, at least for 90% of my life.

So in thinking this, we plan our meals, we cook ahead, and WE do this together which helps so much since we both work, everything is a balance in our home.

And the same goes for parenting.  We balance each other out, and we don’t have to like other’s feedback but we agree to find a balance, and it works amazing.  We communicate about everything, and when the kiddos and we are all finally home and eating dinner, we try to use that time to our kiddos.  To lay on the couch with them, play on the floor with them, go to the park, it all usually happens as a family of four.

Now, this led me put this article on here, Parent like a Caveman, because honestly, not that I agree with it, I can’t tell you that, but I found it interesting and I am interested in hearing your feedback.


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