Posted by: Anna | October 7, 2010

I’ll admit it, I’m not THAT MOM

Joey has started preschool and has been doing fairly well with the adjustments and changes.  I really love his preschool and his preschool teacher.  We have formed a parent teacher relationship and are very good at emailing each other with questions.

When Joey started preschool I was stressed out, because that is me. He had to be potty trained, check, have healthy packed lunches, check (so much so, we used Bento styled lunches, I will start taking pictures and posting those soon), and he has to learn to keep his hands to himself. Not check.

Joey happens to be the youngest in his class, of course he is, right?  And the oldest kids are almost five ready for kindergarten.  So I of course, the basket case that I can be stresses out, kind of.  Then I have B who has a degree in early childhood development, and let me tell you IT COMES IN HANDY. Not only is he educated on the subject, he has twelve years of parenting experience on me, he is extremely patient and is a morning person.

So, I’d like to stop here and say that I always intend to write a smart, witty, well written post but then I write and I think ugh, a bunch of tangents. Because that is just how my thought process works.  And I’m never bored.




Time to be


Bored, really? My mind has a hundred thoughts a minute, some mean, funny and necessary too.

So last night B and I were winding down after putting Joey to bed, where he immediately knocked out.  We recapped on the week, the kids, the plans, the adult conversation.  We were discussing Joey’s preschool parent teacher conference and how well Joey is doing.  We were enjoying a glass of wine outside and I said to him,

“Hm, do you think I can maybe put some colorful flowers here and then KEEP THEM ALIVE??”

His response,

“No, you have a life, when are earth will you find the time? Like now, at 9pm?”

So true, between work, outside work, classes, posting, keeping the house in order and our most favorite thing, our kids and time we spend with them every night, I don’t have time to plant a freakin’ flower, let alone water ONE plant. No, not one. Unless it can survive on NO water, or sun for that matter, I have a hard enough time keeping myself in line to keep our kids in line.  And I’m not even the one preparing breakfast in the mornings, he is, I’m the night person and the weekend person, so if you happen to come over, you’ll notice the simplicity lifestyle of the house.  We have a life, no flowers, not at least for the present moment. I’m too busy making bento lunch style lunches at night after playing, homework and cooking dinner.



  1. Plant fake flowers….they’ll never die on you! 🙂

  2. Yes you can….It’s called a DRIP SYSTEM!! My SIL has gorgeous planters with TONS of flowers and she is never home 😉

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