Posted by: Anna | September 29, 2010


When I started blogging it was a way to release the boredom of my job and the creative part of me that I missed so much after becoming a mom.

I’m not the mom that you read about in parent magazines, and actually I don’t really believe that THAT mom exists anymore.  I think that as women, we put pressure on ourselves and believe that is what is expected of us.

I have not blogged for a while and have done a horrible job at updating and writing here for many many reasons.  I would love to always paint you a picture of my life, but sometimes it’s really to raw and ugly to share.  I’m a happy person, so when I am down I rather keep it to myself, buck up, cry it out for a minute or two and move on.  You can’t and shouldn’t dwell on things you don’t have control over, rather, I will learn how to manage and balance the things I do have control over.

I now have a family.

Yup, a family.  The Joey and me crew has now received an awesome promotion that includes a family of four.  Brandon came equipped with a teenage daughter that I so love and he also came armed with the missing puzzle piece in my parenting.  Single parenting is difficult, heck, parenting is difficult.  I was going crazy keeping a balance between my happiness, Joey’s happiness, eating, working out, making sure I spent quality time with Joey that I didn’t realize I was losing it.  I was spreading myself thin when Brandon came into the picture and became the partner I never knew existed.  He hasn’t only made my life easy, EASY…in the sense that I can actually pee without Joey banging on the door!  I can get ready in the morning because Brandon MAKES JOEY breakfast! GASP! I know you’re shocked, that a man this great exists, that he is charming, brilliant, good looking, an amazing lover, friend and father that so happens to be just as in love with me as I am with him.  If I stop to think about it I feel a little shocked and oh so extremely blessed.

Mom’s are always go go go, but this man was a single dad and just the same was go  go go, keeping it all together and always being happy.  To make dinner with him and watch our kids eat and laugh is something I didn’t expect would happen so early in my life. I seriously thought I had missed the boat and so happy that wasn’t the case.

So the lack of blogging is honestly because I have been living. But hopefully I can get my ass in gear and produce more vivid stories that will entice the readership to continue.



  1. Good for you! And yes, them single dad’s don’t get all the credit that they deserve. Thanks for posting.

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