Posted by: Anna | September 21, 2010

Mean mommy and the fake bird

Joey started preschool; a great preschool program at an amazing school that my friend Stephanie let me know of a couple of months ago.  Now, Joey has to wipe his own poop here, so guess how his undies look every day, well almost every day? Yeah, gross. Anyway, and he also gets to see Kole, his little friend, Stephanie’s son. I mean, how cute is that? I wish I could have attached a video camera to the top of their head so I could have seen their reaction when they met for the first time on the school playground.

I mean, do little boys jump for joy because they just saw one of their best friends? Or do they just smack each other around and jump off the monkey bars? I DON’T know! I just know the stories I here are super cute.

Also, yesterday after a tough night after preschool, gotta love Monday’s, Joey was on two time outs.  When Brandon got home he was sure to run up to him, hug him and let him know how…

  1. A kid at school pushed him
  2. He bit a kid at school
  3. He was on two time outs by mommy
  4. There is a bird in the fake tree in our house.

Yes, a fake bird that is what this is about.  Well, okay, after talking to his teacher he didn’t get pushed, he didn’t bite anyone and yes sir, I did put him in two time outs.

So back to the bird in our fake tree.  Because, we wouldn’t own a real tree, we would just kill it.

Joey loves his dinosaurs and balls and plays all over the house with ‘Sharp Tooth’.  After kicking a ball out of kitchen and falling behind our tree, Joey refused to go get the ball because “Brandon, I don’t like that bird there!” But there is NO bird!  So we tried to explain that he does not need to be afraid, there is no bird.  He still refused.  Brandon then decided, look, I’ll carry you over like the sweet guy that I am, and show you that there is no bird; I’m here to protect you even if there is a bird! So Joey agrees, climbs into Brandon’s arms and they walk right up to the tree, touching the leaves, Brandon is explaining to him that see, there is no bird Joey and as a matter of fact this tree is fake when, I decided to say this,

“Look! The bird just flew away!”

I get a LOOK from Brandon when Joey jumps back and the expression on his face was priceless. I could not stop laughing. I’m horrible, right? All the while, Brandon could not believe I just made the fake tree/bird situation worse, but look, now my kid will think twice about running into the parking lot without mommy after I threaten him to take his time out in THAT corner…right?


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