Posted by: Anna | September 14, 2010

Family: Mine

One of the best things that can happen to you is meeting someone who

One: Makes you better

Two: Balances you out

Three: Makes you laugh

Four: Calls you on your shit

Five: Is an amazing parent

Six: Feels the exact same way about you.

Seven: Has a beautiful and amazing daughter, extra plus on that one.

Life is funny, amusing and surprising. When you least expect it, shitty things happen that throw a wrench in your plans, but still you buck up and move on.  Or, something beautiful happens that throws a wrench in your plans but the simplicity of it and power that it naturally overtakes in your plans makes the changes easy to mesh with.

As in my case, never in a million years would I have imagined meeting a man with the same values as me.  A man by his own accord who takes responsibility and is loving.

And I love him.  And being loved the same way I love is amazing.  Because let me tell you, I’m passionate and protective and I don’t mess around.  And finding someone who has bigger balls than I do, a get er’ done attitude, always happy and family orientated type of person, it’s like I truly found my missing puzzle piece.

Joey started preschool yesterday, one where he had to be officially potty trained, and B held my hand as I walked my little munchin’ to school, because I am THAT mom, the worrier, the over analyzer, the I want him to always be my baby, but he simply isn’t a baby anymore. And to have someone just be there, while your actual 3 year old baby just hugs you, kisses you and say’s bye, without even looking back, that’s the kind of sanity my life was missing before.

And when I went to pick up Joey after school, he sat there, didn’t run up to me, he’s the cool kid you know? And he is also the youngest in his class whom his teachers generally coo over. That’s a plus for me, but looks like I know have two very independent beautiful kids on my hands.

And our family is pretty happy, just look at us.

Myself, B, Joey and Marisa in Sedona, Arizona, family photo while the sun was setting.


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