Posted by: Anna | September 7, 2010

Pizza and Dessert and the big O

There is nothing that tickles me fancy more than food, pizza and ice cream.  Yup, I am a class act.  And my friends, I had about the best pizza my mouth has ever bitten into and dessert and wine, and it was orgasmic.

I have neglected my blog for way to long and it’s time to blog blog blog about things I’ve been doing and I’ve been doing my job at taking pictures too, even if they are from my camera. Because as Joey would say, sometimes I get an epiphany and BAM, I must take a blackberry photo of this scrumptious food!!!

This Friday night Brandon **you know, my hot, amazing, charming boyfriend** and I got all dolled up, tucked Joey into bed with our best and favorite babysitter and headed out to a night out on the town.  Now, we rarely feel the need to leave our children, we honestly have a blast with them, but alone time is soo delicious.  Of course, in my B style (B is what I’m going to be calling Brandon from time to time to take note), I have NO IDEA where we are headed.  I didn’t care, I cared about fitting and wearing my skinny jeans, which YUP, they fit, and my new beautiful taupe booty 5 inch heels, which I swore were comfortable the day I bought them.  Not so much from parking to the restaurant, THANK GOD we had a seat to actually eat, but I was 5 inches taller…boo ya!!!

Anyhow, B took me to this AMAZINGGGGGGG Restaurant in Downtown Phoenix, CIBO.  The drive alone was amazing to me, (Yes, I have lived in Phoenix for nine years now, still) it was first Friday where all these artist line up down a street of damn HEAT let me tell you for a Friday night in September, to display, sell and paint ART.  It was fabulous to look at from the inside of my car, thank you very much.

Moving on, when we spotted CIBO it was a house on the corner full of lights, super cute if you ask me.  That’s all I can think of, how cute that is!!!!  Brandon took me by my hand, wait, I held on to B for dear life as I was right about to tip over in my fabulous five inch heels that I was so happy to wear and we headed to CIBO.  B got us a spot at the bar and a drinking we began.  One, the wine was delicious, two, so was our pear salad.  And then, OMG, the best brick oven made pizza my mouth has ever bit into, and let me say, I’ve been to New York twice my peeps and you should have heard the moaning coming from our corner spot on the bar and the stares I was getting.  And THAT was only from dinner, then you know me, I saw this huge platter of whip cream and I had to ask Michael (our server and co-owner of the place), WHAT IS THAT!!?? And I WANT THAT!!!  Turns out it was ice cream filled crepes, homemade there, with whip cream and tons and tones of fresh fruit… HEAVEN and a second orgasmic meal that night.  Yes sir, TWO!

Here’s our night in a nutshell…

Starting the night at CIBO...


Two pizzas...that is how we do it!


My plate...of course!


O O O!!!!! So good!

Yes internet, our dessert, and have you I ate more than half and even shared some with the two guys next to us at the bar.

 If anyone is in town and wants to eat at one of the best, less snooty places in the Valley, you MUST visit CIBO!!! Here is their info. And NO, they are not paying me to write this, I happen to love good food. And the owners (Karen, who sat us or encouraged us to stay at the bar was a sweet heart) were fantabulous as was the cook who was making sure all the food was damn good.


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