Posted by: Anna | August 30, 2010

Strangers even know how it goes…

Friday afternoon I took off early to pick up Joey from daycare and take him to his third year check up.  When I walked in the door my son was sleepy and ready to go.  The drunkenness from being three was very cute and not two minutes into our drive was my kid OUT.

We have been going to Joey’s Pediatrician since before Joey was born.  YES, I was the mom who wrote down a bunch of questions and interviewed my dear doctor whom I ADORE by the way.  He also was the one who visited me and Joey just a few hours Joey was born and was simply awesome at the hospital.

The same doctor also had to call an ambulance for me about seven days after having Joey, since my body decided to release a ginormous blood clot on one of Joey’s follow up visits, making his little room seem like a scene from a horror film. I think his face was actually paler than mine at the time because he couldn’t believe I was still standing, little did I know what had happened until I saw the pile of blood ALL over the floor.

Fast forward three years later, almost EXACTLY. and I don’t think I could ever leave Joey’s pediatrician, the forty minute drive to him is worth it and he works with me and all the vaccines questions and allergy questions I have. Luckily for us, this year we have had to visit him much less, unlike last year on average, we were there two times a week first couple of months Joey was diagnosed with asthma.  This year, due to us controlling what he eats Joey is virtually asthma free…Knock on wood.

Joey’s pediatrician is also not shy about asking me about my personal life, he is always asking me “When are you having more kids.” “Wait, I forgot, you’re not married.” “So, are you dating now?”  When I was able to answer yes this time, he clapped and was so happy! Ha, an almost stranger is jumping for joy for Joey and I, this is a pretty smart man, right?

Luckily for me, based on all the news and changes that have happened recently in our life, all for the better, Joey is PERFECT according to his pediatrician, and you have to admit he is pretty dead on.


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