Posted by: Anna | August 23, 2010


I know for a fact that the best things are free.

Yes, be prepared, this may just be another corny post.

My life has flipped itself upside down, or wait, I mean RIGHT SIDE UP, very recently. Only, I’ve been LIVING my life for me now so happy that I keep forgetting to grab my camera and document everything that is going on.  I’ve been posting much less because I’m trying to figure out what to share and how much I can share, I’m trying to censor myself, and believe me, you know how much I lack in the self control area.  I just want to yell it out and draw you a pretty little picture of how happy I am.

BUT….I can tell you this!

Joey is officially in his big boy bed and has been sleeping and staying in it for a bit now! So it’s OFFICIAL, now I can tell you that since you know what a sucker I am for Joey, but with Brandon around, well, it’s much easier to have a partner in life who has your back.

It’s a little crazy, I have always wanted to be an author about my life story of being a single mom, the shit I went through and how I just used it to make myself have thicker skin and strong for my son.  How I said HELL NO to abortion and dealt and loved the idea of having my son.  How we went through our milestone’s alone and happy, even though I cried privately at the exhaustion I felt from time to time.

But now, it’s hard to think about the negative, I mean, the negative made me a much stronger person and bigger critic of people.  But then someone great walks into your life and blows you away.

Or let me rephrase that, someone great walked into my life and blew me away.

He taught me that LOVE and mutual RESPECT and ADMIRATION do exist.  That hard work and having faith in people does pay off and that I don’t have to be the hero and do everything myself, there is someone who I can depend on, trust and love.

And it is a different perspective than my previous perspective.  I would overwhelm myself with doing it all, but I don’t have to and no one really should have to.  I would also overwhelm myself by caring too much what people thought of my decisions, but now I can tell you…well, wait let me censor myself.

There, censored.



  1. I love every second of this! and you deserve it.

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