Posted by: Anna | August 13, 2010


Sometimes it’s hard to believe people.

And of course it would be for me, I’ve been screwed over a few times in my life. I’ve had discussions about finding someone in my life because I didn’t believe it would exist for me. I know, pathetic, I just didn’t care that much anymore.

“You know when you know”, my friend Stephanie kept telling me.

And believe me I had HIGH doubts.

A few months ago I feared turning 27. I feared getting older and would tress out about it. I started working out harder to make my 27th birthday the fittest I have been in my adult life.

Mission accomplished.

Not only am I am the fittest right now, but I am only going to get better. I participated in a Paleo challenge in my Crossfit gym, (ya, brace yourself, I’m hard core here), that required me to eat clean.





Black Coffee…(well coffee because that’s what I crave).

I know, you think I’m crazy, but I’m so vain too. After two weeks of eating clean and continuing on my workouts I noticed my skin, my acne was GONE. I don’t obsess over it any longer, it’s liberating. I learned self control, I don’t have to eat everything in sight and I’m glad, because this mommy is looking good (sorry, I had to toot my horn, I’ve earned it).

And not only that; I’m no longer paralyzed with fear.

Dear 27, I’m so looking forward to you. Because I regained faith in people and it is true…

“You know when you know…”

So let me slowly say this, it’s true, when you meet the RIGHT person you just know.

For someone who didn’t care and had lost faith, I can tell you that you have to keep having faith. I can say now, after some time alone and working on me and keeping Joey and I above water that things happen for a reason. I had to get my heart broken a couple times, I had to feel depressed and I had to make huge sacrifices. I’ve been a single mom since the day Joey was born, never has anyone helped me daily to do the things mom’s do for their kids. (Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes the village get’s busy).

So I learned that when God puts someone in your path that has bigger balls than you and a heart as big as yours, that’s when you have to cease the opportunity.

I have never lived my life according to other people’s expectations or rules. The NORM in rules has never applied to me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, internet, since I have not been posting on here much at all lately it’s because I’ve been busy.

I have met someone.

Someone awesome.

Someone that I really didn’t know could actually exist. Someone with a huge heart, more patience than me and let me tell you, A LOT more self control than this mommy.

Someone who I told my list about this is how I AM….

I’m loud and will get louder and I’m brutality honest. So far, he’s sticking around…



  1. Yeah for you! Clear skin and hot man….you are awesome. I miss you! Hope to see you soon!

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