Posted by: Anna | July 30, 2010

This probably only happens to ME

Joey has been at his new place, daycare I mean for about a month now.  And I’m extremely happy with it and so is he.

I have had to change my schedule up a bit since it’s actually on my way to work but I have to only take surface streets and sometimes, like yesterday, which is the second time this happens, I FORGOT to drop Joey off daycare and headed to work instead.  I hopped on the highway and headed to work, blasting my music.

I was passing a huge stadium on my right side when I saw blinking lights on my back side, the blinking lights and noise coming from Joey’s toy.  I immediately started laughing, hysterically.

Who in their right mind forgets to drop off their kid?  Their noisy almost three year old kid?


I lowered my radio and Joey was like, “Mama, what? What is so funny mama?!”

I couldn’t believe it and I was trying to explain to him that mama had forgotten Joey was with her and he was about to go with me to work, but I decided to turn around and for his sake let him go to daycare.

After I finally dropped him off I had to rush to work when, yup, 1 block away from my office a lovely police officer pulls me over.  I mean, at that point I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.  When he came up to my window I politely greeted him, really hoping I could bat my eyes and I would get off with a warning.  Then I couldn’t even find my registration and insurance card and I started laughing.  He asked me how my morning was going. And I told him the whole story, which he did laugh at, but didn’t find me that amusing to let me off with a warning, I got a speeding ticket. AH!

This had to happen to me because I actually did my hair that morning; I might be against that now.

I prayed that the day go better, this morning I drove like a snail, I was a snail since I woke up.   Joey promptly jumped out of bed too to follow me into the shower.  He likes to be EVERYWHERE I am in the early morning, I mean, I can’t even pee alone!


Joey likes to lay a blanket on the bathroom and wait for me while I shower. Yes, I'm being serious.

How is that that I could forget this little noise maker ever again? I HAVE NO IDEA!


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