Posted by: Anna | July 20, 2010

In twenty days

There are twenty days for Joey’s birthday, he will turn three and I might have an emotional melt down that day.  Mainly because my baby is not a baby, yet a very opinionated, curious, witty, smart, beautiful little boy who seriously does and says the funniest things.

If you would have told my twenty year old self that this would be my life today I would have called you a mean liar.  But today, I guess I would have loved to tell my twenty year old self that she has a lot more balls than she thought.

Sunday evening when Joey came home from his dad’s he literally jumped, ran and skipped into my arms, (basically having one of my ribs get pulled out). He was thrilled to see me and to tell me everything he did over the past weekend, and he can now use more words, speak more vividly and wildly paint a picture of his stories with his eyes and vocabulary.  I’d like to think he is more my son than anything.

Yesterday morning I was off work do to many appointments and was able to savor his morning wake up without the grump.  As I cuddled him I so appreciated his feistiness which is also compliments of me, because he will also call me, or anyone out on their bullshit.  “Noooo mommy, that’s not the way it goes.”  Or, he is much more sensitive than me, when I was about to kill a spider yesterday he yelled “Mommy oh no! Don’t kill the spider. Poor spider”, then went to grab it with his hand and take it outside, (that is not a trait I will ever posses, and it was a tiny spider for those gasping).

One of the things about Joey is he makes me live, live in the now.  Plan for the future always, but live for him now.  In a few years we might have more in our family or it just may be the two of us, I don’t know, but I plan on savoring every second of him….because look.  Doesn’t it look like he is always up to something?

A little photoshoot I did of my little boy.



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