Posted by: Anna | July 14, 2010

To be seventeen

I know right, I can’t stay away, but that is a good thing.

Because I’m all good.  And don’t be surprised, I usually don’t let bullshit get me down.  I get it out of my system, buck up and move on.  That’s life and I’m planning on keeping a sane head, not only for my little man but for myself.

So let’s move on already. 

One of my favorite and rare things I love and enjoy doing is hanging out with my closest friends I grew up with.  They all still live in California so when I go down we make it a point to all meet up, and for some reason make it a point to do it as if we are still sixteen years old.  This time we did just that with the inclusion of our kids and just girls so we can dish about our lives. 

These girls are the girls I use to run five miles with, have sleepovers with, eat a whole pizza, bag of Doritos, an entire mix of brownies and ice cream and sing and dance on top of table top counters, all at each other homes.  I’m sure we have video tapes to prove our shenanigans, especially a trip we all took to Vegas at the age of seventeen to which this day we compare all of our Vegas trips too and that trip still holds the number one spot.  Picture a bunch of seventeen year old girls, walking around Vegas, taking crazy pictures and singing in our hotel room all while we had a camera rolling. Yes, we had parental supervision, but from farrrrrrrr away.

The amount of pictures taken by Jody’s mom was ridiculous back in high school.  So ridiculous in fact that she would get so excited to take pictures of us doing splits in the air in her pool that the lady would forget to put film in her camera! Yes, I know she is a character just like her daughter, I think she did the splits with her friend dancing down the line at Jody’s wedding too, what can I say, I’m surrounded by fun.

I think we all slowed it down once Jody got married, I mean her poor husband had an idea what he was in for, they started dating right after high school and they even paid me a visit when I graduated college, imagine him squished in an inflatable mattress with three other girls. Exactly.

So on my visit for the fourth of July, Jody brought this amazing cake, she is an amazing cook and mom and could probably do it all with her eyes closed.  I love this picture because it captures our exact friendship and spontaneity and good Lord I’m glad we stopped doing crazy things before kids, we would have probably dared each other to get crazy tattoos on our asses and wait, that actually might have happened already…

From left to right, Di, Myself, Jody and Jessica


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