Posted by: Anna | July 6, 2010

The Trashy Post

This weekend my mom, grandma, Joey and I drove down to LA to spend our long weekend with family and friends.  And it was amazing, I had a blast catching up with my girlfriends and I promise I’ll have more stories and pictures to post later.  In the meantime, I went out with my girlfriends…

That means I did my hair, I put on eyeliner and actually put thought into my outfit.  And here I was thinking I looked fabulous, I got this super cute skirt and top and I looked decent and I felt extremely comfortable.  Then after a few drinks my friend Dee takes this lovely picture of me and since I was in a haze I decided to post it on my personal Facebook page.  The next day I receive a comment from my friend Steph from AZ that reads…

Stephanie: “um, are you pulling a britney??”

Picture below.

Photo taken @ The Abbey...yes THAT Abbey.

And I’m like, what is she (talking about) OH MY GAWD! Are those my panties? No because I wore black grandma panties so you wouldn’t tell but still what is, o wait that is my shirt! OMG…completely embarrassed since MOMMIES do not dress like that.

Well not this mommy anyway, or didn’t, I mean you get it right?

I called her and I had no access to pull it, but by then I’m sure whoever viewed it didn’t notice it or just liked what Stephanie said.

Our phone conversation:

ME: “Omg, I just noticed but I can’t pull it down. I mean it’s not my underwear but it’s (in unison) TRASHY!”

I’m sure tomorrow’s post will redeem the lapse in judgment.



  1. I see it as a simple mistake. Silly, but hardly trashy. Trashy would have been if there were no underwear.

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