Posted by: Anna | June 30, 2010

The Real Football

My family is HUGE soccer fans.  We love basket ball too, but soccer is simply awesome.  And around the world it’s amazing, and because the World Cup is on I CAN’T believe I haven’t talked about this yet  So I got to thinking, I love this sport, but then there are so many talented HOT men playing, I mean this is an international sport people.  I know, it’s so annoying, we will all be into the game and I go off, “Oh wow, look at him, he’s so cute! I mean talented and cute.”  As my dad rolls his eyes, and seriously, within any other sport I never really say anything like that.

Can I go on? Or are you about to throw up?  So if you ever wondered my type here you go…(just for kicks)

David Beckham, um, yeah… Suppose to be playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy, currently injured. Model for Emporio Armani, married Posh, has 3 beautiful little boys.

David Beckham

Cristiano Ronaldo…You must know who this is!? An international superstar on the Portugesse team and um, yeah, model for Emporio Armani.

Cristano Ronaldo

Carlos Bocanegra… Mr. Captain of the U.S. national team and scored 10 goals with his head.

Carlo Bocanegra

So there you go.  I did well today as a mommy blogger, now mommies wipe your mouth; I thought you might be more interested in the sport now. 😉



  1. I think Bocanegra is faaaar better than Donovan!

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