Posted by: Anna | June 29, 2010

Sometimes I just suck

It’ s pretty sad when I write then decide not to post. Sometimes I just feel better letting my feelings run amuck on paper (or on here) but then I delete it. No need to post all the time.

Joe and I have decided to switch Joey’s daycare. And you must know if you have read this, that it’s a huge deal.  Look, if I had the blessing to be a stay at home mom full-time, work from home, or be a wife and stay home with my son, I would LOVE to do it 100% of the time.  If I’m home Joey would be the happiest, I would too. But I have to work, and so does dad, so thus we intrust people we have researched, googled and have come highly recommended with Joey.

So far so good.  Yesterday we paid the new place a visit, all three of us.  Although I am a single momma, Joe and I make all the decisions together, when it comes to Joey we are a team.  And luckily all three of us loved it. Joey loved it so much he didn’t want to come home.  This morning when I took him to his current place, he asked about the BIG dinosaurs from the new place (good sign).  I also had to notify his current place that we were switching Joey STRICTLY for financial reasons, which is the truth.  I felt sad, but I didn’t cry which meant to me, it was meant to be. I have faith.

Working mom’s make tremendous choices and sacrifices.  I covet my mommy friends who stay home and get to spend everyday together with their children.  (I kind of covet even the times the kids drive them crazy, because when you think about it, this too passes, time passes.  They grow up and become adults, and we will wish for the craziness our toddlers bring upon us moms).

Look, does this look like the face of a sad child? NOT EXACTLY. Healthy, beautiful, cared for, loved and very much intact…I might suck at posting, but Joey seems to like me pretty fine indeed.

His FAMOUS smile!


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