Posted by: Anna | June 23, 2010

Words that mean something

One of my biggest fears as a mom was how I was going to teach Joey how to speak.  Really.  I mean you have this child, and you are responsible to teach them all sorts of things.  How to love, have patience, how to share, to be nice, kind, how to stand up for oneself.  The list goes on, how to learn the alphabet, how to count to ten, in Spanish then in English, how to stay away from the stove.  I mean I can go on and on.  But they learn.  Joey can go potty by himself, but of course needs some assistance (if you know what I mean), he can open the fridge and get his own yogurt while he is asking to please have one, and he always knows where I stash gum, candy and cupcakes.  Always, he is psychic like that.

This morning Joey woke up early, so I put a movie for him so I could get ready.  Movies work like magic for me, especially since I can turn around and he is roaming the house using his psychic abilities.  As I dressed him for school he starts wining that he doesn’t want to, “I don’t want to go to school mommy.  Mommy because.”  BECAUSE, is his answer to many things.  It’s hilarious, who uses because? I don’t, but he knows that because mommy will solve his whining.  So I say, “Honey, it’s water day at school! So fun!”  And his response which truly broke my heart today was, “No mom. Don’t work.  Please don’t work anymore, stay home with me.”

Awwwwwwwww.  No, not awwwww.  More like, I’ve had my heart-broken by men before in the past, I’ve been lied too, but that pain, O, it doesn’t compare to the of your child telling you he wants and needs you, but you have to do what you have to do and continue leaving him in childcare.  I’m so distraught about this.  I mean, really, what can I do?  NOTHING.  I have to explain mommy has to work, mommy will pick him up later and we will eat dinner together and play.

He was not satisfied with my answer and pouted the whole way to school, except when I was able to crack a smile.  Because I too pouted the whole drive to work.  Because even though I love to be creative, I love to write, I love to photograph, I love my time and individuality, when Joey, who grew inside my belly and I gave birth too, nursed for ten months and have lived with since the day he was born, he has been my favorite most challenging job of all. 

And look, I even taught him to pout and speak articulate words with meaning.



  1. Aww. Did he at least have a nice time at school? It’s really heartbreaking.

  2. Yes, he loves school! And I love it as well.

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