Posted by: Anna | June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day Papi

I still call my dad ‘Papi’ cuz in Spanish we all do. Papa just sounds weird, and Joey calls my dad DAD when he is around because he hears all of us call him Dad or Papi.  He is also known at Tata.

A few days old.

My relationship with my dad is much more different from any other.  When I get angry I can take it out on him the easiest, and it must be because I trust him the most and know that he will love me no matter what, no judgment past.  I’ve had many ups and downs with my dad, he was very strict when I was growing up, then all of a sudden loosened up.  When I had to sit down and tell him I was pregnant, he was in shock.

When he learned that I was to become a single mom, my dad was a bit heart-broken and shocked but he said to me, “Your son will never need anything from anyone because he will feel so much love from me, and us.”

And that is the truth.  Though Joey has a daddy, he also has a fabulous grandpa in my dad.  One whom takes every moment he can to come visit, take him to the park and practice soccer, take him to get ice cream, or just be around the house so Joey can follow him around.  And when my dad does come visit, there is no one that compares to my dad, not even his mom. 🙂

It's not my fault I always pose, right?

And I am so thankful for my dad, because no matter what I thought, said, he always was behind me 100%.  He taught that no one is perfect, but to accept people for who they are.  And because of him I really do gain my charisma from my dad, he is something else.

My favorite picture of us.

So Happy Father’s Day Dad, it’s because of your huge influence in my life that I don’t take shit from anyone, have a heart of gold, and truly love.  I also live life to the fullest, and with you in our lives, so will Joey.

December 2008


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