Posted by: Anna | June 2, 2010

The start of summer

I was super lucky I was home Monday.  I love having days off during the week because I get a glimpse of what maybe a stay at home mom may feel like, not completely, but a glimpse and I LOVED it. 

The exchange in our house on days off  goes like this…

Joey-“Mama! I want to go to Kole’s! Mom, can we go to Kole’s, I want to play with Kole!”

Me- “Yes, sweetie, after lunch we will go to Kole’s house.” (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrinding of the teeth.)  🙂

Seriously, even if Kole’s mom, my friend Stephanie didn’t want Joey over, I may leave him at the doorstep because that phrase after twenty times stops being cute.

Look at those faces, super cute but you just know, up to no good.


This is Jackson, the baby of the bunch, who I seriously feel like dipping him in some bar b q sauce and going for a bite.


The boys at their best.



  1. Is that a water gun? I used to LOVE water guns during summer!

  2. […] how his undies look every day, well almost every day? Yeah, gross. Anyway, and he also gets to see Kole, his little friend, Stephanie’s son. I mean, how cute is that? I wish I could have attached a […]

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