Posted by: Anna | June 2, 2010


There is something to be said about growing up with a stay at home mom, like I did, who kept the house immaculate.  I’m serious, I grew up with a mom who had the house clean, ALWAYS, made all of our meals, all of them. To be honest, the only time we ate out was in the care of my dad, which literally we jumped for joy because we got to eat McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken (which sorry, sounds totally gross right now), but then, it was awesome.

My dad worked full-time, my mom stayed home with three kids, a super clean house, very organized, took us to the park, made us breakfast, lunch and dinner was eaten when dad got home, all seated at the table.  I ate like a little bird I was told, but I wasn’t picky.  I remember my sister after dinner always wanting cereal, because even CEREAL was big deal for us to have.  My mom seriously has the gene that makes it seem so easy to be a mom, and a damn good one back in the day.

Now, I am a single mom who works and cooks, not nearly as good as my sister and definitely not as good as my mom.  But I do, I cook, my mom and sister will totally eat my food, my brother and dad, way different story.  But Joey eats it so that is all that matters, so far.

I kind of stress myself out with keeping my room, Joey’s room and the bathroom super clean.  One, my mom and I live in the same house, and the level of pressure I feel is tremendous.  But sometimes, ah, I let it go. The dishes can wait after I put Joey to bed, heck, they can wait till I get back from work the next day.

This weekend, when Joey left with his dad I cleaned, I mean, I took all the clothes from drawers, shoes out of my closet and organized the heck out of everything.  I own over 200 t-shirts, apparently I have a weak spot for cheap t-shirts that look good.  I think I have a handful of “nice” shirts and a bunch of dresses.  Tis’ my life.

I also made myself organize my makeup, because it was getting ridiculous getting ready in the morning. Are you ready for this? I went from this…

A disorganized mess.

To this.

To a clean organization.

And I love this in our bathroom.

I like to remind myself of this.

Joey’s room isn’t looking to shabby either, I’m still making myself tidy up every night, and so far so good.

Joey's dresser.

It helps also that the day Joey got back home he walks in his room and said, “Wow mama, look at my room! So clean!”

Ha, I love impressing my little man.


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