Posted by: Anna | May 25, 2010

The Bikini Body

I don’t know if a ‘bikini body’ exists, I guess, if you feel comfortable in wearing a bikini be my guest.  Of course we women, myself included are hard on ourselves.  I saw this picture a couple of years ago that inspired me and if this lady can rock what she has, why can’t the most of us?

Hellen Mirren

My point. I turn 27 years old this year, I know, some people don’t think it’s a big deal.  It’s a big deal to me. Why? Because my life is not what I planned it to be, its better. It’s different and I have been blessed with an enormous gift that is my son and great family and friends.  

To celebrate my life I started doing Crossfit, an intense workout three times a week, because I deserve to look and feel good.  And just because I am a mom, doesn’t mean I can’t have the drive to wake up early and work out until I feel like puking. I LOVE it.  Now the eating thing, that is a different story, I have no self-control, remember?

Anyway, I talked about here how I bought these swimsuits online but I hated them, I looked UGH, that’s how I looked, UGH.  So, to prepare for my 27th birthday and for my trip to Mexico in just a couple of weeks I forced myself to go swimsuit shopping. Because the huge collection of suits I have are not cutting it.

So here, this is me 7 months pregnant with Joey in a bikini and on bed rest. Being in the water was part of my regime, I know, how awful? But try to pregnant in the middle of summer in Arizona.

Seven months pregnant

Here are the two swimsuits I settled on. I am very petite which means I have NO waist. I go from booty to back and a tiny waist length wise.  I have long legs but no waist so having a swimsuit that is lower cut and ties works much better for a 5 foot 1 frame like me.  And I actually love them, they are solid, simple, INEXPENSIVE and flattering.

Target bikini by Xhiliration, $14.99 each piece. Gotta love it for that price.


Black bikini two piece set found at TJ Max by Body Glove, $14.99 for both!

Here are some other of my favorite bikinis…

Nylon Tricot Swimsuit $42 American Apparel

ABS bikini by Allen Schwartz Nordstrom $24.99 each piece.

And for something with a little more fabric, this super chic vintage style swimsuit is super cute.

$129.99 Esty, avabelldesigns

So now you have to hold me accountable and I might have to see if my body gains more muscle by the time I turn 27!



  1. So Brave. Never in a million years would I show my readers a bikini picture of me! You look hot!

  2. So weird. We posted almost the same thing and I didn’t even know you had put a picture of Helen Mirren!

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