Posted by: Anna | May 24, 2010

Sticks and Stones

If I was a good blogger, I would post something at least four times a week. But my life gets in the way, and Sunday I planned to do a whole lot of work, but gosh, a beer, nothing to do and TV sounded so way better.

This weekend, I had the house to myself, you know, becauseI live with my mom and younger brother.  And though, technically my brother was home, he really wasn’t.  Which is fine, because I am getting good at being alone now.  I’m good at keeping busy and my friends help me along the way.  Seriously, to be alone and feel like no one would know if you went missing SUCKS.  But when you are surrounded by people who care, even though, seriously you just met them it’s so refreshing.

This weekend was also great because after a week of tantrums and running around, Joey and I were able to relax, eat, play, sit, stare, sleep, lounge and enjoy each other.  My son totally gets me.  We have this amazing bound and Joey can read my face.  He understands me in such a different way.  On Saturday I was looking for a shirt in the mounds of clothes stuffed in  my dresser so to better see I grabbed a pile and threw then on the floor, I did this to every drawer and then finally I found my shirt.  When Joey finally comes in my room he gasps, “O mommy, you are so messy!”


My son is now TELLING ME I am messy, and he is right.  I am a clean person who has a bunch of organized messes everywhere.  And we get along just fine.

Saturday night Joey and I finally sat down on the couch and watched a movie while sharing a slice of peach pie. That experience, him sitting next to me and feeding each other pie saying, “Mommy, I’m happy!  Are you happy mommy?”  “Yes baby, of course I’m happy!”

I know, I’m so sappy and he’s such a momma’s boy sometimes, but for the most part he is all I have, and I am all he has, and though we both are very independent, having Joey has made me a much more loving person.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a heart, but I have really thick skinned build around it, kind of like a little protection for me, I don’t get hurt easily because of it.  But since Joey I have allowed myself to love more, trust more and smile more. And man, it is way better to live a life of happiness than bitterness.

Thank you Joey for making me a better person with a softer heart. I’m sure it will eventually come in handy.


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