Posted by: Anna | May 20, 2010

The bikini story

I am planning a trip to Mexico soon with a few friends.  One in which I workout with, (not really together, I go early, she goes later in the day), but still together.  We are fiercely competitive, like gawd, scary competitive but so supportive at the same time to one another. Thank you God, not all women are catty.

Anyway, I own lots of swimsuits, many in which I have accumulated since college.  Some where I was not pregnant, pregnant, and very post pregnant. So my body type went from tiny, to pregnant, to very curvy, to now…dun dun dun. I don’t even know where I fall in.  I have bought two swimsuits while I was nursing Joey, because it was summer and I was just about to wean him, I was CURVY and still petite.  Now I mean short, no waist petite, with a booty and boobs well, nursing boobs, perky filled boobs.  Now, almost two years later, I am still petite, with a little booty and boobs that are not filled boobs, more boobs that need to be controlled and held up a little bit.  Yes, it happens people!

So I decided to buy two swim suits online, BIG FREAKIN’ MISTAKE.  I tried them on last night, seriously, I should have taken pictures but I was just an awe of all if it, not in a good way.  I am petite, so I lack a torso.  And I am writing this, post very self conscious of myself since trying those horrid things one.

Here is one …

Got this in black. Vicotria's Secret.

Now, I can get over that she is like 9 inches taller than me, and blonde and well gorgeous and works out like crazy.  But that top has these weird padding on the sides, and yes, it makes your boobs look bigger but the padding is ugly and obvious. No thanking. Also, they are not well made at all.

Then I tried on this one in yellow. Now, the top basically has no support for my petite mom cleavage and it was so disappointing. 

I got this one in yellow, Victoria's Secret.

I have never sighed so much while trying something on.  So this weekend, my workout buddy and I will hopefully find something that fits a REAL with a little support. If I find one I like, I will post pictures. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.



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