Posted by: Anna | May 18, 2010

Aunt Flow

When I was young, I mean a teenager young I thought becoming a curvy woman was nowhere in sight for me.  I always wanted to be curved like a coke bottle, instead I was frail thin.

Then I turned what, nineteen or twenty-one and bam! Curves all over, just much tinier than I expected.  And of course what would I expect? To rock a body like my mother or even younger sister, No. Right? Um, yes, actually, that is exactly what I expected. The younger sister took all the massive cleavage and left me with the left over’s if that is even possible.

But I have always suffered as a woman, when my period greets me every month. Yes, I’m going there.  Because I use to almost want to die when I was single, like not a mom single.  I would get these horrible paralyzing cramps and headache and nearly would die.  Then pregnancy came, I breastfed for ten months or so and for twenty two months I was period free. AMAZING.  I was so use to the menstrual pain that when I was into Labor I refused the epidural until the last minute because I couldn’t believe that my contractions were not worse than my normal cramps, man I had built up a pain threshold.  But now, as a mommy. OOOOOOOOO weeeeeeeeeee, let me say, to have that kind of menstrual fatigue, cramps and on the verge of crying because you are so emotional for a day or two, THIS stretches my self control more than I can handle.  All I can dream about are a box of chocolate Dunkin’ Donuts. Anyone? That’s not excessive right? I mean, I’m showing some self control, I could say I could eat TWO whole boxes of chocolate Dunkin’ Donuts.


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