Posted by: Anna | May 12, 2010

Blame it on the Morning

Yesterday I got a text from a friend, actually the same friend who encouraged me to start this blog and she gushed about my blog and my courage.  Gushed.  I blushed.  It’s so amazing.  It’s harder for me to have people I know read what I write, what I think and listen to what I have to say.  Because these people, one, read by choice, two, know me in some form.  Some know me really well, but what I write here sometimes exposes things only a husband would know about me (yeah, that’s right the one I don’t have).

I only like to post things that are meaningful to me.  If I am not passionate about something, the words never come to me.  Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of night and write my thoughts because if I don’t I’ll regret it, I won’t remember.

Last night as Joey and I went to bed, that’s right, my bed people.  For the past two weeks he is back in my bed because it’s not like I’m moving into anyone’s bed soon or I don’t feel like not sleeping, so I allow his cute little dimple, smiles and stories about how he loves my bed to lure me into saying, “Okay, Joey you can sleep with mommy, but stop switching our pillows!” He loves my pillow, but that my friend is something I refuse to give up to my little dimply angel.

 So again, last night Joey was all snuggled in my unmade bed (which hasn’t been made in three days, so help me someone!) I thought, I need to capture this.  My son, so cute and vulnerable is waiting on me, his mommy.  And I thought, I need to use my camera more to flex my muscles.  And I captured some genuine moments, some great little smiles; he was allowing me to play with all of my settings.

And then I thought, finally I can post something beautiful…again.

And I leave to work today.






Soooo me, always not a morning person, ever.


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