Posted by: Anna | May 7, 2010

Joey dearest

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  A time when we reflect on what? We celebrate mommies! 

Being a mother has been the most rewarding, heart wrenching, challenging and most blessed experience of my life.

I am a mom and I absolutely love being a mother.  It is the best feeling in the whole entire world.  The love of a mom is seriously unconditional.

I have always said that Joey is the love of my life.  And that is the truth.  The way I had a child was not typical or the most common way, I am a single mom. 

And this morning as I was dropping off Joey he was actually very sad.  Lately he has been very clingy which is great and hard at the same time. 

As I walk into his classrom this is what happens:

Teacher:  “Oh, don’t forget to have your mother’s day muffin with Joey!”

Me: “Huh?”

Teacher: “Yes, for Mother’s Day, Joey made you something special.”

Then Joey walks me in a room and  shows me the Mother’s Day card the school made for me.  Which is beautiful and awesome and I almost cried right there because although my son is two, he had a hand in making me a card.  Then we ate a muffin.  A muffin, and Joey was very happy that his mommy did not rush to work and instead had a muffin with him.

Then I take Joey into his classroom where I am handed this precious gift, a photo of Joey in a frame he painted and designed himself.  The look on his face, how proud he was, that was priceless.  No expensive perfume or any other gift could compare to the handmade gifts my son made me with so much pride and love.

And I also love being a mommy because of this.  I NEVER will get tired of chasing Joey around with a camera to capture these amazing moments.  They are my treasure to encapsulate time.

Running after Joey chasing a bird

Running with Joey to chase another bird

Digging a hole.

Having the time of his life.

The love of my life.


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