Posted by: Anna | May 4, 2010

First Generation

One of my goals since high school was to write a book.  Now, I think I will begin writing two books.  I’m quite the book worm and I love reading real stories or stories that are made up but completely devour my attention.

One of the stories that I would love to tell are the stories of my parents, my now divorced parents.  The story of their childhood in Guatemala, the story of how they were neighbors and both of their mothers became friends, came to the United States first, leaving all of their 16 children back with their husbands, (about eight children each).  My mom was left under the care of my grandfather, along with her older sister, and five younger siblings to cook, clean, bathe, play and care for.  My father was left with his four older sisters and younger sister and brother.  These stories are heart wrenching, beautiful and REAL.  Always, always, these stories have made a huge impression in my life.  Both of my parents, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents worked very hard and sacrificed sooo very much.  But when I hear them, the stories are always told beautifully, friendships formed and hard work ethic learned. 

I am very proud to be a first generation in this country, born here with freedom of speech, freedom to choose my religion and safety.  There is no corrupt country,  I didn’t  have to fear being sexually mutilated  as a little girl, I had a great education and I was surrounded by people who were God minded people, who loved and were very accepting of all people, black, white, blue, fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, all people.  I learned respect, kindness and blunt honesty from my mother and father.  And because of my open-mindedness, because of my choice in who to love, I met Joey’s father a half Irish, a quarter German, Norwegian and maybe some other mixed in there man.  I have Joey who looks like me, brownish eyes, with his daddy’s hair, only darker since his mommy had brown hair, but huge heart and courageous will.  A boy, who when he grows up will be an accepting, respectful man with a heart of gold.  I my goal is for him to not grow up to be a racist, a sexist, a disrespectful douche bag.  I’m dead serious. 

With the immigration law talk in Arizona, the ugly has reared his head in people, and let me be the first to say, I don’t offend very easily.  It takes a bit to hurt me.  I was made with pretty thick skin, although I am honest, I’m not mean on purpose.  I believe there is a time and a place for everything, and tact should also be used, (of course this usually goes out the window when you are emotional and having an argument with your significant other, right?).

Now, when offensive racism is bluntly used in a very derogatory way, THAT is when I get offended, and surprisingly, VERY offensive.  And this is why; you know what people do all over the world to live in this wonderful country that many of us were born in?  Do you know how much we take for granted?  Do you know people LITERALLY die crossing the border from wherever to come to AMERICA?  Do you? If you did, I’m sure you have an inch of compassion in you.  You don’t know that my parents and grandparents riskws their safety, their lives, and their children crossing the Guatemalan border, the Mexican border and then the United States border.  Do you have any idea how much guts these families, money they save to pay people to move here?  And yes, my parents immigrated here about 35 years ago, today it’s different, but is it?  But life isn’t fair.  It’s not fair that a little girl is being forced to get married at age 12, it’s not fair that a little girl is getting her clitoris cut off so that when she gets older she is forced to have sex and not enjoy it, it’s not fair that wives are sold, it’s not fair that because of corrupt countries, children and families are broken.  Life is just so unfair.  And it’s not fair that these people have to run away from the place they live because these things happen, and of course I live in a great country, the Land of the “Free”, I too would probably run if I was born in a corrupt country and risk everything so that my son could have a life like I do today.  But I was blessed, and I dare not look down on those who have risked their lives, their life savings, their country of origin because they just want to taste a piece of our pie.  

And I’m okay with that, because I enjoy some good Italian, Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese, Japanese, Guatemalan, Indian, Brazilian, Salvadorian, and American food a lot of the time.



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! My sister, three brothers, and I would not be here today if my mother as a young 16 year old GIRL did not risk her life to cross the border along with other illegals she did not know, to make a better life for herself. I think of everything I was capable of at 16, and I could barely survive high school drama, doing what my mother had done was out of the question. I didn’t have to because she did it for me. And I thank God everyday that is one illegal that got here, and got here safely. Without that illegal immigrant coming here 30 years ago, Dawsen and Rose would not be here. She now has citizenship, and one of the most honest, hardworking people in America.

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