Posted by: Anna | May 3, 2010

17 Again

Since before I had Joey I always wanted to work out.  Hard.  I was an athlete in high school and yes, I’m going to say it, my body rocked. I was all muscle.  I was also 17, ran at least 5 miles 5 days a week and I was 17. I was a sprinter and my coach, as many was a HARD ASS. I apparently like to be yelled at and being told what to do.

When I had Joey, I lost all of the baby weight just nursing.  I started to work out but nothing major.  Now as I approach my 27th birthday and the summer, Joey is almost 3, I was determined to get into bikini shape.  No more jiggle thank you very much, and although I don’t have the teenage years anymore, I do have a lot more discipline and determination.  I actually crave the I want to throw up feeling while working out, because that is how I know I’m giving it my all.

I joined Crossfit with my friend Stephanie, who was majorly insisted.  But if you look at her now, after about five weeks of training, it’s hard to say it doesn’t work. (She’s had two kiddos). So I signed up, I wake up by 5:30am three times a week to go, a tiny sacrifice really for what I want to achieve which is being healthy and in shape, toned by the time I turn 27!

And today, at about 6:10am I felt like puking, I was doing burpees, pull ups and air squats, I was beat red with sweat dripping from my head; I think I was almost soaked.  You know that gross sweat when you sit down on the floor to stretch and yup, that was your sweaty ass right there.  As a matter of fact, today, five weeks after joining this workout program, I haven’t lost much weight but I have more energy and my hands are shaking as if I just finished working out. No pain no gain right?



  1. That is intense!

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