Posted by: Anna | April 30, 2010

My shield

With my little human shield

To be honest, I have no idea who took this with my camera, when or what I was thinking.  But it’s such a typical shot of me in my life.  You see that little handsome man right next to me, he was my date to my cousin’s wedding.  He was more like my shield, so whenever a friend, cousin, or marine would hold my hand to dance, or come over and dance with me, this little boy would run from across the room and make sure they knew HE was my date.  God knows what I was thinking, it was more a lot of thoughts, I look happy, boy oh boy, I think I always look happy, the makeup is on, the hair is done, honestly I am happy, just not all the time. Not that happy, a hand to hold, a hug, a kiss, that would be nice too.  In the mean time, I’m happy with my little shield protecting me as I walk, drive, swim, work, cook, and live .



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