Posted by: Anna | April 30, 2010

Good people do exist

Last night my mom called me panicking that our damn water heater broke, it was leaking all over the garage.

We both were kind of freaking out, it was the end of the day, and we are both clueless women, who the hell were we going to call for help, who do we call? What do we do? Ghostbusters! Ha ha, kidding.

No, lucky for me, a very good friend of mine is married to an awesome plumber.  Can I just say how helpful and awesome it is to have friends?  Friends who are upbeat, positive and there for you.  It’s awesome.  Their kindness really brought me to tears, and I would offer my friend’s husband water, a drink, (even though I had no running water at this point) and dinner and the man would just keep working.

He worked till almost midnight after a long shift at work, with his wonder wife and kids at home, because God, there are people out there willing to help a friend out.  And seriously, I would have bathed today in ice cold water because you all know how vain I am that I am even willing to suffer some sort of pain, but I didn’t have to. 

So, ah, with all the crap that goes around the world, life, my life, my day to day, it’s so refreshing, exhilarating and damn moving that people go out of their way to help you out.

And the more I think about the friendships that I form, the happier it makes me.



  1. That is no surprise to me. The wonderful friendships you have made and will make are all a reflection of you, I believe. BECAUSE you are positive, BECAUSE you are upbeat, and BECAUSE you are just as willing to help your friends in need they are willing to give to you without thought of receiving anything in return. Thank God or Buddah or even Allah that there are still good people, but God created us in His image, so he is within us. We all have the power to affect and help one another, even if just listening to someone. I know Anna’s done that for me. Like it says…good people do exits.

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