Posted by: Anna | April 28, 2010

This makes me mad

This weekend my entire family traveled to California for my cousins wedding.  In the mist of the happiness it was brought to my attention that a law in Arizona, the state in which my family and I have lived in for over eight years, passed a law which requires all Mexicans or people who look “Latino” to have to carry proper documentation of proof of citizenship at ALL times, or suffer the “consequences”-commit a fuckin’ crime for looking brownish.

Now, I couldn’t believe that a law like this existed or even passed.  Is there a problem with illegal immigration in this state?  Sure, but what kind of hypocrite would I be to say that I am for or against it.  After all, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles came to this country illegally. My family were undocumented Immigrants y’all!  Wow, shocker!  They also are now United State Citizen who’s children happen to serve in the our military.

They all worked their asses off, did the right thing, got paid below minimum wage to give their family and future offspring like me the opportunity to live in the land of the ‘free’.

My little sister who happens to have darker skin than I do is in the Army and my other male cousins serve in the Marines, and guess what, they went to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for our country and our freedom.  They risked their lives so that most of us wouldn’t have to.

So, it does piss me off just a bit that racial profiling is so in my face every day, that I will have to prove that I reside here LEGALLY!  Now, all the workers who you pay not that much to clean your house, mow your lawn, fix your car for cheaper is shiting their pants, because let me give you a clue, not all us Hispanics are criminals…Not until you decided to start racial profiling.

It makes me really sad, that today, in 2010, my child will have to grow up with simple-minded people who still believe and are for racial profiling.

Here’s another article if you are interested to learn about the law here in AZ.

Immigration bill gives Gov. Jan Brewer bump in new poll of Arizona voters


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