Posted by: Anna | April 14, 2010

A day in the life of Leball…

5:30am: Mommy wakes up

6:00am: Crossfit workout class

6:40: drive back home

6:45am: Shower, make-up, hair

7:00-7:25ish: Joey wakes up, get him to potty, and have him play or read to his toys, dress him

7:30: Mommy gets dressed

Get Joey’s asthma bag if he needs it; pack my pre-made lunch, hand Joey a snack, out the door by 7:45am

7:55ish am: drop off Joey at pre-school

8:00am: drive to work

8:30ish am: arrive to work

5:00pm: off work, drive to pick up Joey

5:45pm: pick up Joey from Preschool

6:00pm: arrive home, change out of work clothes and into home clothes, get dinner ready, ask Joey to go potty.

Between dinner, give Joey a snack, help him read, play with toys, tell him to please stop chasing Lola. Put a load in the laundry.

6:45ish, eat dinner with Joey

7:15: put dishes in sink, play with Joey, read

7:45pmish, Joey’s bath, read him a book, brush his teeth, wash my face, and brush my teeth,

8:20ish….kiss Joey goodnight, lights out.

Once Joey is asleep, I get time for myself. Work on blog, photos, clean dishes, put clothes in the dryer, bedtime for mommy at 10pm….

And lately because I am ‘training’ Joey to fall asleep by himself and stay in his bed, I have been sitting on the floor after I kiss Joey goodnight until he falls asleep by himself.  Last night, that took 45 minutes!  Now, my job is for him to STAY in his bed, two days, so exhausted, his little foot in my face has woken me up at 5:00am.  There is always tomorrow right?

I just realized that Joey is almost three and I have to take his sippy cup away, I’m potty training him now, he is doing well, and I have to train him to sleep on his own! All at once, time flies by when you’re having fun, right?



  1. Love it:) You’re a busy girl!

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