Posted by: Anna | April 13, 2010

I know, I’m opening myself up for judgment

I can’t help that I’m very open.  You’ll see why.

I needed an oil change so my dad came over to visit and in his daddy mechanic mode went ahead and took care of it.  After Joey finished dinner I allowed him to go outside and watch his grandpa. 

Me: “Don’t touch anything Joey.”

Joey: “Okay mommy.”

He sat by grandpa’s side feeling oh so privileged.  He was able to help and not touch oil!  I was a little nervous, but then I decided to take a chill pill and capture these oh so precious moments.

God, I love my dad. Just look at this.






  1. I didn’t appreciate how awesome my Dad is until I had children. He doesn’t change my car oil- but he is a forester so he’s cut down a crazy number of dead trees for us over the years. No, I don’t know why all of our houses have come with multiple dead trees.

    Very cute pictures!

    • What amazing photos Anna! Great job….our little guy is a do-er obviously and I love these shots with his grandpa…

  2. Yes, Joe we do. And thanks!

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