Posted by: Anna | April 6, 2010

The lack of mommyblogging

In the event that I should stop blogging for another week here are the following assumptions you can make:

The Earth swallowed me alive

I was too sore to type

I fell asleep at the keyboard because the sleep deprivation of trying to teach Joey to sleep in his bed is just not working, (you can maybe call the Super Nanny to help me).

I was swallowed by the cooking monster and washer because all of a sudden I am overwhelmed with domesticness, hence, that is why my blog is NOT called the Domesticgoddess.

The last few days leading up to Easter were very exciting. This was our first official time celebrating Easter and I took many notes from my mommy friends as to what to put in the Easter Basket. 

I took many pictures of Joey, but somehow between writing, working, sleeping, not sleeping and trying to cook I have yet to upload them onto a blog, facebook or a fuckin’ computer.

Easter went well with me almost having a mommy meltdown because Joey now chooses to say the following:

“Mommy don’t yell at me.”

“Mommy, that hurts!”

“Mommy, show me!”

“Oh no, no ice cream, you need to go to the store.”

Don’t all those phrases sound cute?  Think of trying to discipline, teach manners to a little passionate boy who is half my son and half Joe’s son, God helps us, to only get “Mommy don’t yell at me”, over and over and over again.  “I’m not yelling!” where then clearly, now I am yelling.  Point made.

To further the chaos in our home Joe bought Joey this ginourmous dinosaur because Joey is obsessed with them.  He chases Lola around the house all day, every minute, crawling under tables to scare the shit out of her.  Our poor dog is terrified of that dinosaur, it shouldn’t be funny, but it really is.  So when I get my shit together, the pictures, the stories I promise to think of something witty to write.  In the mean time, just pray for my sanity.  Please.



  1. You are so funny. I will pray for your sanity. You’re doing a great job. And it’s okay…I’m a yeller too. They’ll get over it 🙂

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