Posted by: Anna | March 29, 2010

I reference George Lopez and the chocolate bunny…so beware

I have been counting the days until Easter for a long time.  Every time I look at the calendar I get giddy with excitement.  I have never hunted for Easter eggs.  I don’t remember coloring eggs and I never had an “Easter” celebration.

But please, it’s not a big deal.  My parents thought it was an overly commercialized holiday, so we NEVER did anything.  But you know what, so is Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving; they are commercialized at some point.  And yes, I am Christian, no I am not Catholic, just because I’m “Latina” I know you assume I’m Catholic.  I’m not.  No biggie.  I am a person of faith.

Moving on. ..

We’ve never done anything big for Easter for Joey.  Joey was too little and let’s just save the money shall we?  But this Easter, Oh boy, we will go all out and dress in cute little Easter outfits with pale blue and decorate eggs and hunt for eggs.  Okay, no, wait, not all of that.  Pale blue will never be worn by Joey’s dad, and we will totally dress up but not like the gap ads, that’s just too much, but hello!  I have been planning what goes in my Easter Basket for Joey for a month!  I’ve been asking my friends, “So what goes in a basket?”  “What candy is a must?”  And when I said that I wasn’t going to get a chocolate bunny…o wow, let’s just say that mommies were very passionate and off I went to get a chocolate bunny.( Which by the way, every time I say “chocolate bunny” I think of this total inappropriate joke by George Lopez, too inappropriate, just Google it. )

Alas, now I am trying not to go into a store, just because I know I will look to see what else Joey needs or doesn’t, but it’s about the fun!  Ah, two years and a half and being a mommy is so eventful, full of projects and hunts and stories and coloring and playing with play dough! (And telling a story like a little kid with a run on sentence).


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